So Close!

A list of sets that I have with less than 10 cards remaining to complete, along with the cards I need.

Base Sets


1990 Donruss

I could have sworn  I had completed this set, and yet when I entered it into the Trading Card Database, I was 2 cards short! I'm also missing a lot of the ERR/COR/VAR, but I'm not actively hunting each variation.

Missing (2):
#6 Dave Stewart (DK)
#15 Ozzie Guillen (DK)

1990 Fleer

I knew I was close on this set, I just never realized how close!

Missing (7):
#15 Mark McGwire
#210 Dave Magadan
#244 Alex Cole (RC)
#339 Greg Vaughn
#381 John Moses
#440 Greg Cadaret
#524 Harold Reynolds

Insert Sets

1991 Donruss - Bonus Cards

Literally, the last card in the set!

Missing (1):
#BC-22 Willie McGee

1990 Bowman - Art Inserts

Another set I didn't realize I was close to completing until I added it to the TCDB.

Missing (1):
#NNO Dwight Gooden

1992 Upper Deck - Ted Williams Heroes

One of my favorite insert sets - Upper Deck did an incredible job with these! For the record, TCDB does not consider the rare autographed card as a requirement for completion. Otherwise, I wouldn't even bother!

Missing (1):
#29 Ted Williams

2016 Topps Archives - 1985 Father-Son

I really liked the Archives set and bought it whenever I could. I ended up buying enough to almost complete this insert set!

Missing (1):
#FS-FF Tito Francona/Terry Francona

Other Sets

1996 Fleer Chicago White Sox

Even though this set fits the requirements of the page, it's not one I'm really chasing. Somewhere in my youth I received 2 packs of the White Sox team set, and those two packs were enough to get me most of the small 20 card set.

Missing (4):
#3 Jason Bere
#5 Alex Fernandez
#7 Roberto Hernandez
#9 Ron Karkovice

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