Monday, November 20, 2017

SEC - Quarterfinals Match Up #3

Henderson swipes another victory!

It's time to go old-school! We have a vintage card against a card using a vintage photo! Which old-timer will win?

1987 Conlon World Wide Sports Series 2 #9 Al Schacht
1955 Bowman #9 Gil McDougald

Al Schacht
Bracket Round: defeated William O'Leary (1-1 Tie Breaker)
Sweet 16 Round: defeated the 2004 World Champion Boston Red Sox (3-1)
Name Anagram: Cash Latch

Gil McDougald
Bracket Round: defeated Dave Stewart (3-0)
Sweet 16 Round: defeated Ken Griffey Jr (3-2)
Name Anagram: Dull Magic God

Vote now to help decide who gets to advance! Comment with you vote below or comment on this TCDB thread!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Payday Pack - A 50/50 shot

2017 Topps Update

Looking at the checklist,  there really wasn't much for me to get excited about here. I like the All-Star cards, and outside of the 3 Red Sox that made the team, there isn't much I would really shoot for. I probably won't buy any more of these unless they go on clearance next year. That being said, here are the cards that stood out to me:

Honorable Mention

2017 Topps Update - Mother's Day Pink #US73 Jason Grilli

Getting a serial numbered card is always cool. Getting a short number is cooler. Getting this one is pretty awesome only because of the back:

OK, not a great close-up, but trust me, it says 50/50!

A 50/50! I don't know if people collect these like they do Christmas cards, but I thought it was memorable!

3rd Place

2017 Topps Update #US132 Dallas Keuchel (ASG)

That hat alone earns him a place among my Top 3!

2nd Place

2017 Topps Update #US25 Christian Arroyo (RC)

Most of the cards I got featured the same boring shots - batters batting, pitchers pitching, and runners running. This is a great close up shot of an infielder tracking a ball by looking over the shoulder.

1st Place

2017 Topps Update #US90b - Derek Fisher (RC)

The rookie card of a former UVa Cavalier would have been enough to earn the top spot, but this is a short print and a great photo too! I love how it looks like a disembodied hand is about tap him on the elbow...

Also New To My Collection:

#US126 Austin Slater (RC)
#US182 Jaime Garcia
#US264 Boog Powell (RC)
#US12 Lisalverto Bonilla
#US289 Sam Travis (RC)
#US262 Fernando Salas
#US273 Dwight Smith (RC)
#US53 Barrett Astin (RC)
#US97 Alexi Amarista
#US70 Josh Reddick
#US61 Matt Szczur
#US4 Matt Chapman (RC)
#US43 Joey Votto (ASG)
#US47 Yadier Molina (ASG)
#U-5 Roy Halladay (Untouchables insert)
#PC-15 Kansas City Royals (Postseason Celebration insert)
#SWS-11 1995 Atlanta Braves (Storied World Series insert)
#US176 History Makers
#US251 Daniel Descalso
#US287 Mark Leiter Jr (RC)
#US19 Eric Skoglund (RC)
#US110 Corey Seager (ASG)
#US11 Gary Sanchez (HRD)
#US113 Franklin Barreto (RD)
#US227 Trey Mancini (RD)
#US215 Joe Jimenez (RC)
#US259 Tyler Austin (RD)
#US130 Zack Greinke (ASG)
#US158 Phillip Ervin (RC)
#US63 Andrew Cashner
#129 Brooks Pounders
#US92 Anthony Alford (RC)

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Package from Scribbled Ink

Paul from Paul's TTM Blog recently hit his 100th post, and decided to commemorate the occasion by changing his blog name. After inviting many good suggestions, he rechristened his blog "Scribbled Ink". (If you haven't already, go check it out!)

Paul was nice enough to send a thank you package out to those who offered suggestions. Even though my suggestion didn't get used, he sent along some good stuff:

I wasn't expecting this from a Tigers fan!

Starting off with the non-card contents, Paul included some Brewers swag - a beaded necklace and a promotional DVD from the Brewers 2010 season. I actually looked up to see what kind of season this team had. For a 3rd place team, they had 3 guys reach 100 RBI! (Ryan Braun is the given, can you name the other two without looking it up? I'll reveal the answer at the end of this post.)

Intersting..Ichiro does better with the change-up than Ruth?

Paul also included some cards from the short-lived 2010 Topps Attax card game. The two Champions cards are promos. Not bad, even if they are Yankees! I never played the game personally. From reviews I have read, it was just an over-glorified version of the game War.

He also include an autographed card of former Phillies Prospect Jiwan James, and an unopened pack of 1990 Topps Big. I can make out the top card as former A's pitcher Rick Honeycutt, but I'll open the pack later to see who else I ended up with.

The highlight of the package was a mint graded 2005 Donruss David Wright Rated Rookie. This just happens to be my first graded card, which is pretty cool. Wright was on the fast track to Cooperstown before injuries derailed him. He seems like an easy guy to root for, so hopefully he can make it back someday.

Thanks again for the package Paul!

Everyone else, be sure to check out the new and improved Scribbled Ink at: (Notice the web address uses a "c" and not a "k"!)

Brewers Trivia Answer: Corey Hart and Casey McGehee

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Repack Haiku #25 (Vance Law)

Via Montreal
He arrived to Chicago
Vance lays down the Law

1988 Topps Traded #60T Vance Law

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Bobby Doerr

3 Things I can tell you about Bobby Doerr, who passed away today at the age of 99:

1) He made a 14 hour drive to Florida fly by.

My father-in-law, our friend, and I have made the drive from Virginia to Florida numerous times to catch a few Spring Training games. On one of these occasions, I brought along the book "The Teammates" by David Halberstam. It tells the story of the lifelong friendship between Ted Williams, Johnny Pesky, Dom DiMaggio, and Doerr. Ironically, it itself is a road trip book - Pesky and DiMaggio traveling to see an ailing Williams one last time (Doerr was unable to make the journey). It was a great read, and I finished the book before we hit Florida.

 2) He made me tear up once.

One of the last times Doerr visited Fenway Park was when the Red Sox celebrated Fenway's 100th Anniversary. As they announced past Red Sox players, they saved two of the most revered  for the end. Bobby Doerr (along with his good friend Johnny Pesky) were in wheelchairs, escorted by Tim Wakefield and Jason Varitek. It was one of those moment where you knew you may be seeing these guys for the last time. It was a goodbye of sorts, and I'll admit, it made me a little sad.

3) He's the one Ebay purchase I remember.

I've been away from the hobby for so long, I haven't bought any baseball cards off of Ebay in almost 20 years. So long ago that I can't remember anything I purchased, save one card. It was an impulse buy, one of those times where I saw a great card at a reasonable price and went for it. When I got it, I was amazed to have this autograph from a Red Sox legend:

Rest in Peace, Mr Doerr

Monday, November 13, 2017

SEC - Quarterfinals Match Up #2

Extra! Banks moves on to Semifinals!

I'm interested in seeing how this week's match-up plays out. On one hand, Rickey's rookie is an iconic card and definitely the more valuable. However, it terms of photography and card design, the McCutchen has the advantage. It is truly a great looking card.

2015 Topps Pittsburgh Pirates #PIP-1 Andrew McCutchen
1980 Topps #482 Rickey Henderson (RC)

Andrew McCutchen
Bracket Round: defeated Dustin Pedroia (3-1)
Sweet 16 round: defeated Roger Clemens (5-3)
Name Anagram: Mr Chanced New Cut (fitting given he cut off his famous dreads...)

Rickey Henderson
Bracket Round: defeated Lee Evans (1-0)
Sweet 16 Round: defeated Paul Molitor (3-2)
Name Anagram: Skinny Hero Creed

It's time to vote! Which is the better card? Comment below with your vote (or vote on the TCDB thread here! I'll count that too!)

Friday, November 10, 2017

Trade #1 - The First Of Many?

I've finally opened that door - I've completed my first real online trade. Awhile back, Robert from $30 A Week Habit posted about some 2017 Donruss Optic cards he had opened. Ironically, I too had recently bought a pack, and offered up a straight one-for-one trade of players from our respective favorite teams. In exchange for a shiny parallel of Josh Donaldson, I got to add this to my collection:

2017 Donruss Optic - Purple #4 Chris Sale (DK)

This is my first card of Sale in a Red Sox uniform (Well, OK, represented as being a member of the Red Sox is more like it...) I like the head shot here - I almost wish I knew what he was saying at that moment.

I've always had a fondness for Donruss Diamond Kings. However, I wish they would go back to using artistic drawings like from the Perez Steele heyday. This just looks like standard issue insert. It has no personality, nothing to truly set it apart from the rest of the set. Since Panini doesn't have an MLB license, they should try and recapture those glory days when possible.

So, there it is, my first trade. I'll just throw it out there - if you see anything on my blog that you want/need, then let me know. I don't have any real want lists or collecting goals (I should work on that), so I'm pretty flexible when it comes to return packages. Red Sox are always welcome!

If you're on the Trading Card Database, you can message me (User Name: Kep75) or contact me through my blog!