Repack Haiku

Like most bloggers, I have a perpetual "Fear of Content" - I'm always worried I'll develop writer's block, or run out of ideas, or simply just get so busy I go too long without posting something. It's happened to me numerous times with other blogs, and often it can be the beginning of the end for a blog. When I started this blog, I wanted to have at least something I could post once a week.

As someone who collects on the cheap, I enjoy the repacks I occasionally get from the Dollar Store. One of the hidden joys of repacks is that you can look through and appreciate each card in the pack. Every card has something worthwhile about it, and that was my inspiration for my Repack Haiku series. I bought a pack, and each card would get its own haiku poem. Often I find myself really studying the card, or even researching the player, just looking for inspiration. Once I have a general idea, the haiku are rather simple to create. Just like that, one little pack gives me 30 posts that I can create in bulk and schedule out weekly!

I've been doing these haiku for over a year now, and decided to create a separate page to showcase them all in one place. Enjoy!


Alomar Jr, Sandy
Alvarez, Pedro
Anderson, Ryan (with Mark Mangum)


Bailes, Scott
Bannister, Alan
Benzinger, Todd
Boever, Joe
Brogna, Rico
Brown, Kevin 
Buhner, Jay


Candelaria, John
Caudill, Bill
Cishek, Steve
Clark, Jack
Crosby, Bobby
Crow, Aaron


Danks, Jordan
Daulton, Darren
Davis, Storm
DeShields, Delino
Dopson, John 
Drew, J.D.
Dunston, Shawon


Espinosa, Alvaro


Farrell, John
Ferrell, Rick
Floyd, Cliff


Garcia, Miguel
Gonzalez, Luis
Grahe, Joe
Gross, Greg


Hafner, Travis
Halladay, Roy 
Hansen, Dave
Hatcher, Billy
Hawkins, Andy
Hentgen, Pat
Hickerson, Bryan
Hillegas, Shawn
Hinzo, Tommy
Hollandsworth, Todd
Huyler, Mike


Irabu, Hideki 


James, Dion
John, Tommy


Kapler, Gabe
Knoblauch, Chuck


LaValliere, Mike
Law, Vance 
Leach, Rick
Lind, Jose


Mangum, Mark (with Ryan Anderson)
Mariners Leaders
McClendon, Lloyd 
McKay, Dave
McReynolds, Kevin
Mieske, Matt
Milwaukee Brewers
Moreland, Keith
Moyer, Jaime 
Myers, Wil


Nixon, Russ


Offerman, Jose
Owens, Henry


Paciorek, Tom
Parker, Rick
Piniella, Lou
Plesac, Dan
Polonia, Luis
Ponce, Carlos


Raines, Rock
Rekar, Bryan
Riske, David


Salas, Mark
Schilling, Curt
Searage, Ray
Sheffield, Gary
Smith, Lonnie
Soriano, Rafael
Stottlemyer Jr, Mel
Street, Huston


Thomas, De'Anthony
Thome, Jim
Thon, Dickie
Torborg, Jeff
Trevino, Alex


Urbina, Ugueth


Wakefield, Tim
Wallach, Tim
Webb, Brandon
Wells, Vernon
Witt, Kevin

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