Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Repack Haiku #328 (Carlos Correa)

Crazy off-season:
From Twins to Giants to Mets
Then back to the Twins
2022 Topps Opening Day
#37 Carlos Correa
Has anyone had a crazier free agent experience than Correa? After opting out after one year into his original 3-year $105 million contract with Minnesota, Correa initially agreed to sign with San Francisco for 13-years and $350 million. Hours before the press conference was scheduled, it was cancelled because of concerns over a previous leg injury. Before any of the dust had settled, his agent Scott Boras pivoted and hammered out a 12-year $315 deal with the Mets! That would have been enough to earn the "Craziest Off-Season" title, but nope, the Mets also had concerns about Correa's long-term health! In the end, Correa returned to Minnesota on a 6-year deal that could top out at $270 million.


  1. I've never seen anything like Correa's offseason - I'm interested to see how his Twins career plays out.

  2. It seems Correa saved his best for the playoffs, too bad the rest of the team couldn't have played that well.