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Like most bloggers, I have a perpetual "Fear of Content" - I'm always worried I'll develop writer's block, or run out of ideas, or simply just get so busy I go too long without posting something. It's happened to me numerous times with other blogs, and often it can be the beginning of the end. When I started this blog, I wanted to have at least something I could post once a week.

As someone who collects on the cheap, I enjoy the repacks I occasionally get from the Dollar Store. One of the hidden joys of repacks is that you can look through and appreciate each card in the pack. Every card has something worthwhile about it, and that was my inspiration for my Repack Haiku series. I bought a pack, and each card would get its own haiku poem. Often I find myself really studying the card, or even researching the player, just looking for inspiration. Once I have a general idea, the haiku are rather simple to create. Just like that, one little pack gives me 30 posts that I can create in bulk and schedule out weekly!

I've been doing these haiku for over four years now, and decided to create a separate page to showcase them all in one place. Enjoy!


1992 Topps Checklist #1



Bailes, Scott
Bannister, Alan
Barfield, Jesse
Barret, Michael (with Ben Davis and Robert Fick)
Beachy, Brandon 
Belcher, Tim
Bellinger, Cody 
Beltre, Adrian
Benjamin, Mike
Benoit, Joaquin
Benzinger, Todd
Biggio, Cavan 
Blosser, Greg
Bockus, Randy
Boddicker, Mike
Boever, Joe 
Boone, Bob
Bosio, Chris
Boyd, Dennis 
Bridwell, Parker
Brogna, Rico
Brown, Kevin 
Buhner, Jay 
Burke, Tim
Burkett, John
Butler, Brett


Carter, Joe 
Cishek, Steve
Clark, Jack
Clear, Mark
Conforto, Michael
Conger, Hank
Cox, Danny 
Crosby, Bobby
Crow, Aaron


Danks, Jordan
Darwin, Danny
Daulton, Darren
Davis, Ben (with Michael Barrett and Robert Fick)
Davis, Glenn
Davis. Khris
Davis, Mark
DeLucia, Rich
Deshaies, Jim
DeShields, Delino
Dickey, R.A.
Dopson, John 
Drew, J.D.
Dunston, Shawon
Dykstra, Lenny


Espinosa, Alvaro
Espinosa, Danny


Farr, Steve
Farrell, John
Felix, Junior
Ferrell, Rick (HOF)
Fick, Robert (with Michael Barrett and Ben Davis)
Floyd, Cliff
Ford, Curt


Gaetti, Gary
Garcia, Miguel
Gladden, Dan 
Gonzalez, Luis 
Grace, Mark
Grahe, Joe
Gross, Greg
Gubicza, Mark
Gwynn, Chris and Tony (HOF)


Hafner, Travis
Halladay, Roy (HOF)
Hansen, Dave
Harvey, Bryan
Hatcher, Billy
Hawkins, Andy
Hellickson, Jeremy  
Henderson, Rickey (HOF)
Hentgen, Pat
Hershiser, Orel
Hickerson, Bryan
Hillegas, Shawn
Hinzo, Tommy
Hollandsworth, Todd
Huyler, Mike


Innis, Jeff
Irabu, Hideki 




Kamieniecki, Scott
Kapler, Gabe
Kendrick, Howie
Key, Jimmy
Kimbrel, Craig
Kingman, Dave 
Kinsler, Ian
Kittle, Ron 
Knoblauch, Chuck
Kramer, Randy


Lind, Jose
Lowe, Derek


Maddux, Mike
Madlock, Bill
Mangum, Mark (with Ryan Anderson)
Mariners Leaders
Marshall, Mike 
Marte, Ketel
Martinez, Dave
McClendon, Lloyd
McCovey, Willie (HOF) 
McGriff, Fred
McKay, Dave
McReynolds, Kevin
Melancon, Mark
Merullo, Matt 
Meulens, Hensley
Mieske, Matt 
Militello, Sam 
Miller, Keith
Miller, Marvin (HOF)
Milwaukee Brewers
Moreland, Keith
Moses, John
Moyer, Jaime
Murphy, Dwayne
Murray, Eddie (HOF)
Myers, Wil


Niekro, Phil (HOF)
Nixon, Russ


Offerman, Jose
Ojeda, Bob 
Oliver, Al
Olson, Greg
Oquendo, Jose
Orioles Franchise History
Ortiz, David (HOF)
Owens, Henry


Paciorek, Tom
Pagliarulo, Mike
Parker, Dave
Parker, Rick
Parrish, Lance
Pendleton, Terry
Perry, Gerald
Phillips, Tony
Pineda, Michael 
Piniella, Lou
Plesac, Dan
Polonia, Luis
Ponce, Carlos
Porter, Darrell
Putz, J.J.


Quentin, Carlos



Saberhagen, Bret
Salas, Mark
Salazar, Luis  
Sale, Chris
Sanders, Deion
Sanders, Reggie
Santiago, Benito 
Sax, Steve 
Schatzeder, Dan
Schilling, Curt
Searage, Ray
Sellers, Jeff
Sheffield, Gary
Silva, Jose 
Sisk, Doug
Slaught, Don
Smith, Lonnie
Snell, Blake
Stargell, Willie (HOF)
Stottlemyer Jr, Mel
Stottlemyer, Todd
Strahm, Matt
Street, Huston
Stovall, Tyler 
Surhoff, B.J.
Swanson, Dansby
Szczur, Matt


Thome, Jim (HOF)
Thon, Dickie
Tigers Team Leaders
Torborg, Jeff
Trebelhorn, Tom 
Trevino, Alex


Urbina, Ugueth


Vaughn, Mo


Wallach, Tim
Wallach, Tim (2nd) 
Webb, Brandon
Wells, David 
Wells, Vernon
Whitaker, Lou
Wilson, Nigel


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