Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Repack Haiku #98 (Joe Carter)

Forget about WAR
Drove in one hundred 10 times
Put Joe in the Hall!

1989 Score #213 Joe Carter

Who's #100 Contest

To summarize:

Clue #1: He's a former All-Star.
Clue #2: He was once traded for a former Cy Young Award winner.
Clue #3: He was almost traded for a Hall of Famer.

If you guess on this post with the following clue, you get 7 points. Bonus points for guess the year and company!

Clue #4: He was drafted by Texas Rangers.


  1. Carter was a beast! More of a hall of very good member to me though. Anyways... today's guess is... Justin Smoak.

  2. And it's national haiku day, no less!