Friday, April 5, 2019

Payday Pack - Play At The Plate

Another pay day, another pack to indulge my inner child! I haven't tired of the base set yet, so let's rip a pack and pick a few favorites:

3rd Place

2019 Topps #126 Oakland Coliseum

Do you know what baseball needs? More coliseums. We have plenty of parks and stadiums, but outside of Oakland, we lack the majestic-sounding "Coliseum". The Athletics' new home looks like it'll be quite amazing, so this could be the end of this particular style of naming.

2nd Place

2019 Topps - 150 Years of Professional Baseball
#150-40 Duke Snider

Any time the Yankees lose is truly a Great Moment! I like how this set is framed. The black and white photos are particularly well-done.

1st Place

2019 Topps #322 Brian McCann

A fantastic play at the plate shot - granted, said plate is obscured by the strip of white, but not knowing how close they are makes it more intriguing. Personally, I don't think it was a close play at all - those guys in the dugout don't even look excited.

Other Contestants Not Appearing On Stage:
#235 Luke Weaver
#281 Jeff McNeil (RC)
#98 Chance Adams (RC)
#64 Ramon Laureano (RC)
#113 Willie Calhoun (FS)
#170 Manny Margot
#SSB-60 Miguel Cabrera (Super Stars of Baseball insert)
#5 Chase Anderson
#112 Joey Gallo
#63 Jake Odorizzi
#321 Jack Flaherty (FS)
#136 Brad Peacock
#272 Orlando Arcia


  1. The stadium scenes in Flagship are all quite good but Oakland is my favorite. a gorgeous field!

  2. I'm stocked that the Athletics are eventually going to get a new home... but the Oakland Coliseum has provided me over 40 years worth of happiness. I'm gonna miss that place.

  3. The Oakland Coliseum isn't half-bad looking the way it's framed on that card. (I'm sure the players would disagree.) I agree we need more Coliseums and I always try to watch Rams games when they're playing at the [corporate name here] L.A. Coliseum before they move into their shiny new multi-billion dollar [corporate name here] Stadium :/

  4. Great shot on that McCann card. I think the horizontal cards work very well in the 2019 set.