Monday, April 15, 2019

Return Of The Sheep King

Finally, I'm ready to show off the rest of the cards I won from Josh (Royals And Randoms) from his baseball sheep contest. If you missed the first post, you can find it here. Just like before, I picked out my 10 favorites to show off:

 1996 Pinnacle #78 Mo Vaughn

Maybe because it looks like he's cracking his knuckles, maybe it's those sweet goggles he's wearing, but this is a great card of the Hit Dog, even if his face is partially obscured by his sleeves.

1999 Upper Deck Century Legends 

#76 Pedro Martinez

Already a legend in Upper Deck's eyes, he'd cement that status with an epic 1999 season.

2004 Topps #359 Bill Mueller (AS)

I've already shown off this card earlier, and now you know where I got one from! Great job by Topps using The Sporting News as the card's backdrop.

2002 Bowman Heritage 

#66 Pedro Martinez

Intentional graininess aside, I like this simple pose from Pedro.

2003 Upper Deck Sweet Spot 

Classic #2 Al Lopez

That sure does look like Boston's B, doesn't it? The Brooklyn Dodger's Al Lopez managed to sneak himself into the Red Sox stack!

2004 Topps Cracker Jack 

#85 Manny Ramirez

I really like the old Cracker Jack card design, and Manny is always a great subject matter.

2015 Topps Allen & Ginter 

#338 Mike Napoli (SP)

Can just a player's beard make the Hall of Fame? Napoli's was truly a hirsute work of art.

2011 Topps - Throwback Logo 

Manufactured Patch 

#TLMP-AG Adrian Gonzalez (MANU, SER2)

I'm not one for manufactured relics, but it's hard not to like the creepy old Red Sox logo. Man, how did that not give kids nightmares?

2015 Topps Gypsy Queen 

- Pillars Of The Community 

#PC-DO David Ortiz

This is just a beautiful card! I love when a player's off the field charities and endeavors are highlighted as well! 

2012 Topps Gypsy Queen - Relics 

#GQR-JL Jon Lester

Fun Fact: I own 0 cards from the 2012 Gypsy Queen base set, but have 2 cards from that set's relics.

Thanks once again Josh! These cards are fantastic!

Who's #100 Contest

It's time to reveal the third clue of the contest, worth 8 points. So far you've been given the following clues:

Clue #1: He's a former All-Star.
Clue #2: He was once traded for a former Cy Young Award winner.

If you've made guesses on either of the two previous post, a guess here replaces them. Also, don't forget you can earn bonus points for guessing the year and the manufacturer of the card! Here's the latest clue:

Clue #3: He was almost traded for a Hall of Famer.

Good luck!


  1. "Man, how did that not give kids nightmares?" Answer: Kids were a lot tougher back then :)

  2. I miss Manny.

    Contest guess: Noah Syndergaard