Thursday, October 31, 2019

TCDB Trade Recap: Cards From Altoona, IA

Happy Halloween!

This week's trade recap features an assortment of cards from a fellow collector named Michael. I unloaded a whole bunch of base and update doubles in exchange for a variety of Red Sox cards and set building needs.

The Boston Red Sox 100th Anniversary set from Fleer is a set I'm obviously drawn to, and one I hope one day to complete. These 3 cards will get me closer to that.

Speaking of completing sets, these two come from sets you can find on my "So Close!" page. I now need only 2 more cards from the 1987 Glossy All-Star inserts and 5 more from the 1991 Fleer Pro Visions set!

A couple of 1981 Topps and some modern Red Sox round out the trade package. I was super excited to add the Independence Day Mookie!

Thanks for the trade Michael!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Repack Haiku #126 (Hank Conger)

A first round draft pick
and Futures Game MVP
Catchers get good cards

2012 Topps #597 Hank Conger

Monday, October 28, 2019

6 Degrees Of Mookie - The Cal Ripken Jr Connection

It's time once again for "6 Degrees Of Mookie" - the fabulous game show blog post where I take a random card in my collection and attempt to connect it to current Red Sox superstar Mookie Betts! Let's take a look at today's contestant!

Random TCDB Card: 

1988 Topps UK Minis #61 Cal Ripken Jr.

1988 Topps UK Minis #61 Cal Ripken Jr.

Another Hall of Fame player! The fact that the random card comes from the 1988 Topps UK Minis set makes this interesting however. This small set only has 3 Baltimore Orioles in it! My only options are to pair the Iron Man with either fellow Hall of Famer Eddie Murray or Larry Sheets. I was tempted to go with Sheets honestly, as he was born in Staunton VA where I currently work. I know Murray will get me where I want to go quicker though.

Teammates in the 1988 Topps UK Minis set
#61 Cal Ripken Jr.
#53 Eddie Murray

Just like last time, I get to show 2 Hall of Fame players side-by-side! Baltimore was lucky to have both these guys together for most of the eighties! 1988 would be Murray's last year as an Oriole.

Teammates in the 1996 Score set
#79 Eddie Murray
#305 Manny Ramirez

"Steady Eddie" took his big bat to Cleveland in his later years, where he was able to watch another young slugger come up and establish himself.

Teammates in the 2009 Topps - Ring Of Honor insert set
#RH20 Manny Ramirez
#RH98 David Ortiz

Ramirez and Ortiz played just under 6 full seasons together, forming one of the most potent back-to-back hitting tandems in history. There's no shortage of sets these two appeared in together, so I decided to honor their World Series legacy by using this insert set.

Teammates in the 2016 Topps Update set
#US254 David Ortiz (AS)
#US201 Mookie Betts (AS)

"Big Papi" made his last All-Star appearance in 2016, which ironically just so happened to be Mookie's first! He's made every one since then, and I hope he's still in Boston for next year!

Degrees of Mookie: 4

Friday, October 25, 2019

So Close Page Update

After seeing that I was under 100 cards from completing the 1978 Topps set, I decided to change up what I listed on my "So Close!" page. Initially, I just listed sets that had a dozen or so cards remaining until they were complete. Eventually, it got to a point where the only things listed were smaller sets and inserts. I decided to expand my list to include any major base set that I have less than 100 cards to complete. That will open up some possible trade possibilities as well. I'll still have the smaller stuff, but maybe I can complete a few more big sets too! Feel free to check it out!

Thursday, October 24, 2019

TCDB Trade Recap: Cards from The Collector

Chris over at The Collector had an August post centering around the 2019 Topps base set and listed off some sets he was getting close to completing. I found a few cards I didn't need and proposed a small trade for some Red Sox I didn't have.

I only asked for 5 of these cards. Chris was kind enough to throw in some extras, including an always welcomed Xander Bogaerts rookie card.

Thanks again for the trade,  Chris!

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Repack Haiku #125 (Craig Kimbrel)

Late free agent deal
Cubs got poor first impression
Convinced he'll bounce back

2013 Topps #46 Craig Kimbrel

Craig's first go-around in Chicago may have cost the Cubs a playoff spot this past year, but I think he'll be fine after a normal off-season.

Monday, October 21, 2019

2019 World Series Tale Of The Tape

The World Series starts tomorrow, and I think it will be a good one. Now, for most baseball fans like me, chances are your team isn't one of the two left standing. Who do you vote for when your team isn't playing? Personally, I base it on a few different factors. Let's see how the two teams stack up:

Former Red Sox Players

Astros - Josh Reddick, Wade Miley
Nationals - Roenis Elias

What can I say, if I can't root for my team, I can root for guys who used to be on my team. The World Series won't feature any real Red Sox legends, so the Astros win with 2 Boston alumni.

2018 Topps #309 Josh Reddick

Advantage: Astros

Shenandoah Valley Baseball League Alumni

Astros - Will Harris, Chris Devenski
Nationals - none

Having 2 players on one team that have played in my area's collegiate summer league is quite impressive. The fact that both of them have been All-Stars even more so.

2017 Topps Heritage #608 Chris Devenski

Advantage: Astros

University of Virginia Cavaliers Alumni

Nationals - Ryan Zimmerman, Sean Doolittle
Astros - none

Go Wa-hoos! Living a short drive from Charlottesville, I've gone to a few UVa baseball games. The Nationals boast two former Cavaliers on their team - reliever Sean Doolittle and "Mr. National" himself Ryan Zimmerman. Sadly there are no alumni representing the AL Champions.

2018 Topps Heritage #230 Ryan Zimmerman

Advantage: Nationals

Championship Drought

Nationals - 50 years (never)
Astros - 1 year (2017)

This is the first time the Nationals have ever been to the World Series, let alone win one. Officially the franchise drought is at 50 years, including the Expo years. Honestly, I have a hard time keeping that continuity and prefer to keep the Expos and the Nationals separate. Still, Washington's 15 years is easily the longer of the two droughts.

Advantage: Nationals

Personal Connection

The Nationals are the closest I have to a local team. I'll often watch them play on MASN and although I've never seen them play in person, I have been to the stadium.

2018 Topps Update - 1983 Topps
#83-12 Juan Soto

Advantage: Nationals

Spring Training Adventures

Four years ago during a trip to Florida, I saw the Astros play the Nationals at Space Coast Stadium. I got a ball signed by a few of the Houston players, most notably Carlos Correa asnd George Springer. This is right before they turned the corner and became the powerhouse they are today.

I have gotten some National player autographs, but no one on the current roster. Adam LaRoche is the only notable player.

Advantage: Astros

Final Talley: Astros 3, Nationals 3

It's a tie! Last time I did this, I used my AL bias as one of the criteria, which I could do again to give the Astros the nod here. I'm not going to. The Nationals are a local team who have never won a World Series, and I'm rooting for them big time.

Go Nats!

Friday, October 18, 2019

Payday Pack - Smokin' Hot!

Showing off a pack of Stadium Club today. I must say, this is probably one of the better packs I've opened this year.

3rd Place

2019 Stadium Club - Rainbow Foilboard #133 Jacob deGrom

The photo itself isn't spectacular, and I wasn't a fan of the All-Star caps here. However, pulling a card serial numbered to 25 means you have to make the list!

2nd Place

2019 Stadium Club #208 Carlton Fisk

Now this cap! There's just something about these 70's Red Sox uniforms, especially the Red cap. Another greatly cropped shot by Stadium Club!

1st Place

2019 Stadium Club - Sepia #223 Edgar Martinez

This is probably a strong contender for "Card of the Year". The crispy bats with plenty of smoke just perfectly capture the pure hitting prowess of Edgar. I think I prefer the color version, but the sepia looks good too.

Other Contestants Not Appearing On Stage:
#181 Masahiro Tanaka
#18 Willson Contreras
#48 Tim Anderson
#239 Luis Urias (RC)
#219 Ryan Zimmerman
#255 Paul DeJong
#198 Salvador Perez
#177 Whit Merrifield
#288 Rod Carew

Thursday, October 17, 2019

TCDB Trade Recap: Cards From Cardboard Collections

Colby from Cardboard Collections and I recently completed a small trade. I sent some cards from his TCDB want list his way, and got a few more Red Sox from this year's Big League set.

I may have said this before, but Topps big League always seems to come and then get overshadowed by the other sets released around that time. I like it well enough, and now I'm 4 cards closer to the team set.

Thanks again, Colby!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Repack Haiku #124 (Danny Darwin)

Two awesome nicknames
Was known as "Doctor Death" and
"The Bonham Bullet"

1988 Donruss #358 Danny Darwin

Monday, October 14, 2019

Time Travel Trading Update #35

As far as this project goes, I've had a good summer. Since the start of July, I've completed 8 Time Travel Trades. I've broken the record for oldest card not once, but twice. The stack continues to grow, and I've got no complaints. I knew another lull was bound to happen, and it looks like I've finally reached it. My last update failed to generate any new trades, and a month later my stack remains unchanged.

It's time to pimp some cards!

I've had these four 1973 Topps cards in the stack since March of 2018. That's a long time to be sitting around unwanted, so the time has come to put them on the chopping block! If no one claims these cards, I'll retire them from the stack and add them to my collection. I'm OK with that, really, but I'd rather these cards become a part of the long history of Time Travel Trading. They need your help to fulfill their destiny!

As an added bonus, I'm running a 2-for-1 special! Take any two of these cards (while supplies last), and send me any one older card in return!  What a deal!

Help me keep this project going! Comment below or send me a trade offer through the TCDB (My handle there is Kep75).

The Time Travel Trade Stack:

2018 Topps
#502 Xander Bogaerts

2017 Bowman
#12 Trea Turner

2008-09 O-Pee-Chee (hockey)
#128 Tim Thomas

1998 Score
#68 Scott Rolen
#74 Mark McLemore

1994 Sportflics
#113 Pete Harnisch

1993 Classic Draft Picks (basketball)
#33 Will Flemons
#67 Bennie Seltzer

1992 Fleer Ultra
#594 Dave Righetti

1991 Upper Deck
#778 Dave Righetti

1990-91 Hoops (basketball)
#168 Glen Rice (RC)

1990 Upper Deck
#626 Frank Viola

1990 Pro Set - Theme Art (football)
#10 Super Bowl X Pittsburgh Steelers / Dallas Cowboys 

1989 Fleer
#29 Bob Welch

1989 Score
#495 Larry Parrish

1986 Topps
#5 Rose Special '75-'78
#6 Rose Special '79-'82
 #401 Fernando Valenzuela (Turn Back The Clock)

1985 Donruss #557
Mark Langston (RC)

1985 Topps
#694 Joe Carter

1982 Donruss
#NNO Checklist 545-653

1982 O-Pee-Chee E.T. The Extraterrestrial (non-sport)
#15 Among Elliott's Toys

1981 Topps 
#100 Rod Carew (AS) 
#210 Jim Palmer

1980 Topps
#2 Willie McCovey (HL)
#143 Bruce Bochte
#157 Willie Wilson
#290 Steve Garvey (AS)
#605 Terry Forster
#671 A's Future Stars

1979 Topps
#25 Steve Carlton
#130 Bob Watson
#214 Boston Red Sox (TC) 
#465 Reggie Smith
#680 Carlton Fisk (AS)
1978 Donruss KISS (2nd Series) (non-sport)
#99 Paul Stanley

1978 Topps
#295 Bill Lee
#373 Jim Willoughby
#424 Boston Red Sox (TC)
#482 Rick Miller
#706 Rookie 1st Baseman (Cage/Cox/Putnam/Revering) 

1976 Topps
#50 Fred Lynn (ASR)
#70 Roy Smalley/Roy Smalley Jr. (FS)
#78 Cecil Cooper
#118 Boston Red Sox (TC)
#193 '75 NL Home Run Leaders
#597 Rookie Pitchers (Aase/Kucek/LaCorte/Pazik)

1975 Topps
#310 '74 Victory Leaders
#378 Derrel Thomas
#402 Bob Tolan

1974 Topps
#38 Don Kessinger
#67 Tommy Helms
#107 Alex Johnson
#141 Pat Bourque
#158 Jack Billingham
#158 Jack Billingham
#227 Mike Lum 
#349 John Vukovich 
#372 Ken Reitz
#572 Enzo Hernandez
#638 Ken Sanders
#660 Larry Dierker

1974 Topps - Team Checklists
#NNO Montreal Expos

1974 Topps Traded
#458T Jim Ray
#496T Tom Murphy

1973-74 O-Pee-Chee (hockey)
#53 Richard Lemieux

1973 Topps
#18 Leroy Stanton
#29 Tony Taylor 
#30 Tug McGraw
#36 Steve Barber
#68 1972 Leading Firemen (Carroll/Lyle)
#75 Vada Pinson
#79 Jim Willoughby (RC)
#80 Tony Oliva
#85 Ted Simmons
#98 Dick Woodson
#99 Carl Taylor
#116 Ralph Houk (MGR)
#145 Bobby Bonds
#225 Albert Oliver
#230 Joe Morgan
#232 Ken Singleton
#240 Bobby Murcer
#258 Tommy John
#325 Boog Powell
#329 Ed Kranepool
#365 Rico Petrocelli
#368 Bill Buckner

1972-73 Topps (hockey)
#8 Stanley Cup Trophy

1972 Topps
#43 Rick Wise
#438 Maury Wills (IA)

1971 Topps
#16 Ken Singleton (RC)
#63 AL 1970 RBI Leaders (Howard/Conigliaro/Powell)
#71 AL 1970 Strikeout Leaders (McDowell/Lolich/Johnson)
#90 Joe Pepitone
#95 Luis Tiant
#105 Tony Conigliaro
#146 Ralph Houk (MGR)
#183 Gil Hodges (MGR)
#195 AL Playoffs Game 1 - Powell Muscles Twins!
#208 Billy Martin (MGR)
#270 Rico Carty
#328 World Series Game 2 - Bufird Goes 2-4 (WS)
#374 Clete Boyer
#374 Clete Boyer
#388 Al Oliver

1971 Topps (football)
#22 Ken Avery (RC)
#110 Floyd Little (AS)

1970 Fleer World Series
#1 1903 World Series Pirates vs Red Sox  

1970 Red Rose and Blue Ribbon North American Wildlife In Danger (non-sport)
#32 Polar Bear

1970 Topps
#47 Bob Miller
#390 Willie Davis

1969 Topps
#66 Orioles Rookies
#139 Andy Kosco
#182 Bill Rigney (MGR)

1969 Topps (football)
#73 Bennie McRae
#115 Randy Johnson
#154 Sam Baker
#175 Joe Morrison

1968 Topps
#4 1967 AL RBI Leaders (Yastrzemski/Killebrew/Robinson)
#7 1967 NL ERA Leaders (Niekro/Bunning/Short)
#44 Frank Kostro
#181 Jerry Zimmerman
#309 Ken Henderson
#348 Larry Colton/Dick Thoenen
#449 Gene Oliver
#519 Jerry Stephenson 

1968 Topps (football)
#7 Earl Gros

1967 Philadelphia (football)
#109 New York Giants (TC)

1967 Topps
#366 Andy Kosco

1966 Topps
#154 Chuck Hiller

1966 Philadelphia (football)
#104 Rams vs. Browns

1965 Topps
#17 Johnny Romano
#27 Dick Bertell
#86 Les Narum
#87 Nelson Mathews
#108 Don Mincher
#111 Lee Thomas
#178 Dalton Jones
#307 Barry Latman

1965 Philadelphia (football)
#193 John Paluck

1964 Philadelphia (football)
#172 Ken Gray (RC)

1964 Topps
#18 Billy O'Dell
#45 Milt Pappas
#92 Steve Ridzik
#341 Jim Roland 

1964 Topps - Coins 
#7 Frank Malzone

1963 Topps
#155 Bill Stafford

1961 Topps
#32 Ray Sadecki
#38 Bob Lillis
#96 Billy O'Dell
#165 Gino Cimoli
#258 Jack Sanford
#267 Norm Siebern
#273b 4th Series Checklist
#399 Cliff Cook (RC) 

1960 Topps
#138 Art Mahaffey (RC, RS)
#186 Dave Sisler 
#289 Willie Jones

1959 Topps
#298 Tex Clevenger
#424 Ken Aspromonte
#424 Ken Aspromonte 

1959 Topps (football)
#80 Joe Perry

1958 Topps Zorro (non-sport)
#83 Rude Awakening

1957 Topps
#235 Tom Poholsky
#249 Dave Pope
#371 Bob Lennon
#406 Bob Hale

1956 Topps
#21 Joe Collins
#103 Willie Miranda (white back)
#156 Johnny Antonelli

1956 Topps Flags of the World (non-sport)
#70 Jordan

1955 Bowman
#25 Minnie Minoso
#208 Ed Fitzgerald

1954 Bowman
#16 Jim Wilson
#73 Don Mueller

1952 Bowman
#57 Clyde Vollmer

1938 Church & Dwight Useful Birds Of America Tenth Series (J9-6) (non-sport)
#2 Black-throated Green Warbler

1922 Church & Dwight Useful Birds Of America Third Series (J7) (non-sport)
#7 Prothonotary Warbler

1915 Church & Dwight Useful Birds Of America First Series (J5)  (non-sport)
#1 Quail

The Time Travel Trading Project is simple in concept. I started out with a random pack of 2018 Topps Series 1 baseball cards. My aim was to trade every card in that pack for something older. Each card I receive in turn is then made available for trade, with the goal to get the oldest card I can get.

Number of trades completed: 43
Unique trading partners: 28

Number of cards mailed out: 131
Year of oldest card mailed out: 1956

Number of cards received: 294
Year of oldest card received: 1915

Friday, October 11, 2019

Championship Series Predictions

From the field of 10, we are down to four. The Brewers, Athletics, Twins, Braves, Dodgers and Rays have fallen in baseball's grand battle royal.  We are left with the cream of the 2019 baseball season, and from this we shall determine our final two warriors. Who will be left standing as the AL and NL Champions? I'll offer up some quick thoughts, along with my series prediction. Plus, since there always seems to be a non-superstar type that steps up and has a great series, I'll try to predict a non-obvious player to win MVP.

AL Championship Series

Before the playoff began, I predicted the Astros would square off against the Yankees in the ALCS. The Yankees made disappointingly quick work of the Twins, sweeping the series 3-0. (Seriously Twins - Where did all that home run power go?) Meanwhile, the Astros looked like they were going to make equally quick work of the the Rays, but those pesky Tampa Bay guys forced this series to go the full 5 games. In the end, the Astros ultimately prevailed, as I and most others expected. They'll go on to the Championship Series for the 3rd straight year and hopefully send the Yankees home empty-handed.

2018 Topps #311 Yuri Gurriel

Prediction: Astros in 7
Completely Out-Of-Nowhere ALCS MVP: Yuri Gurriel. Did you know he hit over 30 home runs and had over 100 RBI this season? Funny how a good player can sneak up on you like that.

NL Championship Series

Here, I was expecting the Braves to square off against the 2-time defending champions, the Dodgers. I bet a lot of people were thinking that. The Cardinals won a NLDS for the ages while the Nationals ruined about 3/4 of the bracket challenges out there. These two teams seem to match up really well, and I expect this to be a great series.

2019 Stadium Club #219 Ryan Zimmerman

Prediction: Nationals in 6
Completely Out-Of-Nowhere NLCS MVP: Ryan Zimmerman. In what could be his final season, "Mr. National" will lead Washington to the promised land. You couldn't write a better story.

Let the next round of playoffs commence! Here's hoping for two close and exciting series!

Thursday, October 10, 2019

TCDB Trade Recap: Cards From Pennsville, NJ

Another quick little post to show off another one-for-one TCDB trade. A member named John offered up a Mookie Betts Highlight card in exchange for a Bryce Harper 1984 All-Star insert I had an extra of. This is the my second trade with John, who one of the very first participants in my Time Travel Trading Project.

This is a great photo of Mookie leaping into the air to rob a home run. I only have 5 out the 30 cards from this set, so I doubt I'll end up completing it. Still, it's always great to add another Red Sox card to the collection. Thanks again John!


I had this post all set and scheduled to be posted back in August, but then John came back for yet another one-on-one! This time I sent out one of last year's Berger's Best inserts, and just like that I have another Mookie!

Thank once again, John!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Repack Haiku #123 (Mike Pagliarulo)

The "g" is silent
Often said Phil Rizzuto

1989 Score#189  Mike Pagliarulo

Monday, October 7, 2019

Archives, Indians, And The Awkward Seperation Phase

I debated if I wanted to do this post. It touches on a sensitive political issue*, and I avoid discussing politics online. Still, I'm genuinely curious how things will play out here withing the baseball card industry and MLB in general.

I was going through a pack of this year's Archives and appreciating each one in turn. The 1958 design in particular is noteworthy since it 's a design from before I was born. The design is simple, so one of the things that sticks out the most is the team logo on bottom. Archives does a fairly good job of recreating this. When it doesn't, it sticks out like a sore thumb:

2019 Topps Archives #7 Roberto Alomar

Alomar's card has the "Cleveland" script where the logo should be. (It's not well-done either: It's too compacted within the small space, and the dark background works against it.) This is obviously done by Topps to avoid using the controversial "Chief Wahoo" logo that was used exclusively by the Indians during the time Alomar played. Jim Thome's card is also treated this way, but the other Indians players are given one of either two alternate "C" designs that have been used at that time.

Topps is obviously following the Indians organization's lead and committing to not featuring the racist caricature on any new product. Topps also seems to be struggling on how to properly handle this. Despite the design change, the Chief Wahoo logo is still prominently displayed on Alomar's and Thome's caps. It makes the effort seem superficial.

Therein lies the rub: Baseball celebrates it history, especially on cards. Removing the logo may be the correct path going forward, but the history of that grinning cartoon can't be erased. How are former Cleveland greats from the turn of the century to be depicted? There are plenty of images showing Alomar hat-less, or wearing sunglasses on the brim that cover the logo. Perhaps Topps goes forward simply with more careful photo selection. It will be interesting to watch. For now we'll have to deal with that awkward separation phase.

*My personal opinion on the whole matter: Don't wipe away the history like it never happened, but move forward. To be honest, I think they should revive the Spiders name!

Friday, October 4, 2019

Payday Pack - Black Eye With Pinstripes

The Topps Archives set continues to be one of my favorite releases each year. I love the nostalgia of seeing legends from before my time on designs I remember. Today's pack features more cards from that set.

3rd Place

2019 Topps Archives #85 Jorge Posada

I don't like showing off Yankee cards here, but this one I'll make an exception. I can't quite tell for sure, but it sure does look like 'ol Jorge here is sporting a shiner. It's probably a weird shadow angle, but I prefer to think otherwise. If nothing else, that straight ahead bat angle is pretty cool.

2nd Place

2019 Topps Archives #238 Joey Votto

Speaking of cool angle shots, this shot of Votto catching the ball is not one you see often on cards. Regardless of the circumstances of this catch, I find it slighlty odd he doesn't have one foot instinctively on the bag.

1st Place

2019 Topps Archives #136 Ty Cobb

It's all about the uniform here! This card does a great job showcasing how the ballplayers dressed back in Cobb's day. The buttons, the's awesome.

Other Contestants Not Appearing On Stage:
#37 Bruce Sutter
#21 Kevin Ramer (RC)
#50 Mookie Betts
#18 Freddie Freeman
#179 Nolan Arenado
#101 Shohei Ohtani
#142 Deion Sanders
#186 George Kell
#TM-11 Jose Ramirez (Topps Magazine insert)
#94FS-14 Christian Stewart (1994 Topps Future Star insert)
#223 Jesus Aguilar
#209 Manny Machado
#290 Cedric Mullins (RC)
#297 Roger Clemens
#279 Orlando Merced

*****New Blog Alert!*****

 Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown has an awesome new blog dedicated to the 1991 MusiCards set! If you enjoy music from the early 90's (and really, who doesn't?) then check it out!

Thursday, October 3, 2019

TCDB Trade Recap: Cards From Lynnwood, WA

I've been doing a bit more trading this summer on the TCDB. So much so that I've gotten into a bit of a backlog when it comes to showing the cards I get. I could just throw them all together and summarize in one big post, but I'd really like to give each trade partner proper due. In order to thin up the draft folder, I'm hereby designating Thursdays as trade recap days! I'll have a trade recap each week until I'm caught up. I'm going to try to keep my usual M/W/F posting schedule as well, but we'll see how it goes.


If you are a regular reader of my Time Travel Trading posts, you may remember from the last update that I pulled two cards from the stack so that I could make a trade that wasn't going to be a part of the project.

A TCDB member named Tony offered two cards on my want list, and wanted some vintage I had on my trade list in return. I felt it was a fair trade, so I accepted. These are the two cards I acquired:

Earlier in the year, I had won a contest from ARPSmith's Sportscard Obsession. As a bonus to the actual prize, Adam graciously included an almost complete set of 1987 Fleer Update. These two cards were the only ones missing, and now this set whole again!

Thanks for the trade Tony!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Repack Haiku #122 (Bruce Ruffin)

Took Steve Carlton's spot
Within Phillies' rotation
No pressure there, kid!

1990 Topps #22 Bruce Ruffin

*****Contest Plug!*****

The playoff are in full swing, so that means it's time to head on over to Collector's Crack and enter his 9th Annual Almost The Easiest World Series Contest On The Web! A whole set of Classic cards could be yours just by predicting the winner of the World Series. I won this contest last year, and I'm ready to defend my title! Can you dethrone me? Only one way to find out!