Monday, October 21, 2019

2019 World Series Tale Of The Tape

The World Series starts tomorrow, and I think it will be a good one. Now, for most baseball fans like me, chances are your team isn't one of the two left standing. Who do you vote for when your team isn't playing? Personally, I base it on a few different factors. Let's see how the two teams stack up:

Former Red Sox Players

Astros - Josh Reddick, Wade Miley
Nationals - Roenis Elias

What can I say, if I can't root for my team, I can root for guys who used to be on my team. The World Series won't feature any real Red Sox legends, so the Astros win with 2 Boston alumni.

2018 Topps #309 Josh Reddick

Advantage: Astros

Shenandoah Valley Baseball League Alumni

Astros - Will Harris, Chris Devenski
Nationals - none

Having 2 players on one team that have played in my area's collegiate summer league is quite impressive. The fact that both of them have been All-Stars even more so.

2017 Topps Heritage #608 Chris Devenski

Advantage: Astros

University of Virginia Cavaliers Alumni

Nationals - Ryan Zimmerman, Sean Doolittle
Astros - none

Go Wa-hoos! Living a short drive from Charlottesville, I've gone to a few UVa baseball games. The Nationals boast two former Cavaliers on their team - reliever Sean Doolittle and "Mr. National" himself Ryan Zimmerman. Sadly there are no alumni representing the AL Champions.

2018 Topps Heritage #230 Ryan Zimmerman

Advantage: Nationals

Championship Drought

Nationals - 50 years (never)
Astros - 1 year (2017)

This is the first time the Nationals have ever been to the World Series, let alone win one. Officially the franchise drought is at 50 years, including the Expo years. Honestly, I have a hard time keeping that continuity and prefer to keep the Expos and the Nationals separate. Still, Washington's 15 years is easily the longer of the two droughts.

Advantage: Nationals

Personal Connection

The Nationals are the closest I have to a local team. I'll often watch them play on MASN and although I've never seen them play in person, I have been to the stadium.

2018 Topps Update - 1983 Topps
#83-12 Juan Soto

Advantage: Nationals

Spring Training Adventures

Four years ago during a trip to Florida, I saw the Astros play the Nationals at Space Coast Stadium. I got a ball signed by a few of the Houston players, most notably Carlos Correa asnd George Springer. This is right before they turned the corner and became the powerhouse they are today.

I have gotten some National player autographs, but no one on the current roster. Adam LaRoche is the only notable player.

Advantage: Astros

Final Talley: Astros 3, Nationals 3

It's a tie! Last time I did this, I used my AL bias as one of the criteria, which I could do again to give the Astros the nod here. I'm not going to. The Nationals are a local team who have never won a World Series, and I'm rooting for them big time.

Go Nats!


  1. I don't have any problems with the Astros; they're a phenomenal team and I love seeing them play the Red Sox. However, it would be historic if the Nationals could pull off a World Series victory. It would be the closest we can get to the Expos winning the Fall Classic.

  2. The Nationals and Astros were the top two teams I wanted to see win the World Series... so I'm just hoping this series goes 7 games. As for players, I'd love to see Scherzer, Altuve, Rendon, Suzuki, and Soto shine. And if forced to pick one team, I'd go with the Nationals since they've never won it before.