Thursday, October 10, 2019

TCDB Trade Recap: Cards From Pennsville, NJ

Another quick little post to show off another one-for-one TCDB trade. A member named John offered up a Mookie Betts Highlight card in exchange for a Bryce Harper 1984 All-Star insert I had an extra of. This is the my second trade with John, who one of the very first participants in my Time Travel Trading Project.

This is a great photo of Mookie leaping into the air to rob a home run. I only have 5 out the 30 cards from this set, so I doubt I'll end up completing it. Still, it's always great to add another Red Sox card to the collection. Thanks again John!


I had this post all set and scheduled to be posted back in August, but then John came back for yet another one-on-one! This time I sent out one of last year's Berger's Best inserts, and just like that I have another Mookie!

Thank once again, John!

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