Friday, October 18, 2019

Payday Pack - Smokin' Hot!

Showing off a pack of Stadium Club today. I must say, this is probably one of the better packs I've opened this year.

3rd Place

2019 Stadium Club - Rainbow Foilboard #133 Jacob deGrom

The photo itself isn't spectacular, and I wasn't a fan of the All-Star caps here. However, pulling a card serial numbered to 25 means you have to make the list!

2nd Place

2019 Stadium Club #208 Carlton Fisk

Now this cap! There's just something about these 70's Red Sox uniforms, especially the Red cap. Another greatly cropped shot by Stadium Club!

1st Place

2019 Stadium Club - Sepia #223 Edgar Martinez

This is probably a strong contender for "Card of the Year". The crispy bats with plenty of smoke just perfectly capture the pure hitting prowess of Edgar. I think I prefer the color version, but the sepia looks good too.

Other Contestants Not Appearing On Stage:
#181 Masahiro Tanaka
#18 Willson Contreras
#48 Tim Anderson
#239 Luis Urias (RC)
#219 Ryan Zimmerman
#255 Paul DeJong
#198 Salvador Perez
#177 Whit Merrifield
#288 Rod Carew


  1. That IS a good candidate for card of the year. I think the sepiais perfect for that burnt feel.

  2. Awesome stuff! I'd never seen that Martinez card but agree with your choice. Stadium Club continues to be just about the only modern set that I'm highly interested in.

  3. That Edgar is awesome! Congratulations on pulling two parallels in one pack. 2019 has some of the greatest photography in SC history. It's also the first time since they returned that I haven't opened up any packs. This year I saved money and just bought a complete set.

  4. I pulled one of those foil board parallels from 2016 Stadium Club of Mitch Moreland, before he ended up in Boston, so I'd say you did pretty well landing DeGrom.