Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Repack Haiku #195 (Jeff Sellers)

Last game in Majors
Threw seven no-hit innings
Lost due to homer
1989 Topps #544 Jeff Sellers
In the second-to-last game of the 1988 season, Sellers pitched 7 1/3 no-hit innings against the Indians before allowing a solo home run. He lost that game 1-0. After the season he was traded to Cincinati, but tore his rotator cuff and never pitched in the Majors again.


  1. Sad to hear he never pitched in the MLB again, but that's one heck of a way to wrap up his career. Just looked up that game to see who hit the home run (Luis Medina) and noticed he struck out ten batters and walked only one.

  2. that stinks, but great haiku!

    and thanks, fuji, for posting who hit that homer. i did a deep dive on medina's hr log at bbref and he did more long ball damage against lefties (tommy john, jimmy key, ron guidry) than rightys like sellers, and he hit four of his 10 career homers in three of his first six career games. i love baseball reference.

  3. What a sucky way to end one's professional career. Hopefully he went on to do something great after baseball.