Monday, March 8, 2021

The Golden Sox Project (Chris Sale AS)

The Red Sox 2018 World Series Championship seems like ages ago. The years after have been draining for Red Sox fans everywhere. Since that glorious rise, fans have had to endure a cheating investigation, losing a popular manager because of another team's cheating investigation, and the trade of Mookie Betts.  Throw in all the Covid drama and the looming labor negotiations, and that 2018 season seems like a generation ago. Still, I continue my slow but steady pursuit of obtaining the gold parallels of the Red Sox in the Topps base and update sets.

I recently completed a trade with a blog reader named Oren. Among a bunch a great cards (which I'll show off in a separate post) was the latest addition to my quest, the Topps Update All-Star card of Chris Sale.
This particular All-Star game marked a historic moment for Sale. He started 3 consecutive All-Star games from 2016-2018.

In Sale's only World Series start, he pitched well but wasn't dominant. His signature moment came in Game 5. With the Red Sox 3 out from a World Series title, clinging to a 2 run lead, Sale came into the game in the 9th inning and proceeded to strike out the last three batters, all swinging. The sight of Manny Machado dropping to his knee for the last out is forever etched in Red Sox lore.

Thanks for the trade, Oren!


  1. I like the motion on this one. It's nice too that they were able to keep all of his upper half in frame.

  2. I like Sale... mainly b/c I support fellow lefties. Sure hope he bounces back from TJ surgery when he returns.