Monday, March 1, 2021

Schalk Up Another Completed Set!

My first complete set of 2021 is officially in the books, thanks to a generous PWE courtesy of John from Johnny's Trading Spot. He sent me two cards from my So Close list:
The Hebner brings me down to 34 more cards needed to complete the 1978 Topps set, while Ray Schalk was the sole card needed to complete the 1992 Manning 1919 Black Sox reprint set I acquired from Rod at Padographs last summer.

This also seems like a good place to show off a shiny Red Sox card I got from Greg (The Night Owl). We completed a Time Travel Trade recently, and he was kind enough to throw in a bonus card of the only Red Sox pitcher to earn an "L" against the Dodgers in the 2018 World Series.
Favorite Card: Schalk - Old -time Hall of Fame players who complete a set deserve the win!

Thanks Johnny and Greg!