Friday, March 5, 2021

Payday Pack - The Octopus

It's been awhile since I've done a Payday Pack post! For those of us who rely on retail outlet for their cards, 2021 continues to provide a barren wasteland of product on shelves. So when I was fortunate to find some of the latest Topps offering, I did manage to snag a few extra packs to tide me over. Let's rip open one and see what goodies await!

3rd Place

2021 Topps - Home Run Challenge 
#HRC-5 Rafael Devers
It's always good to get a Red Sox card, especially an insert! In the years that Topps has been doing these Home Run Challenges, I have yet to scratch the code and attempt to play. I just don't consider myself that lucky.

2nd Place

2021 Topps #161 Lewis Brinson
One of the complaints I've heard about this year's set is that the majority of cards are too closely cropped, eliminating almost any sort of background aesthetic. Brinson at least gets a little zoomed out so we can see his impressive leap against the wall.

1st Place

2021 Topps #111 Austin Riley
Not all the close ups are bad though! There's is just so much going on in this shot! The unknown opponent is practically wrapping himself around Riley's body in an attempt to reach the bag. All you see are his hands and a pair of cleats that are a little close to Riley's face for my comfort level. Excitement!

Other Contestants Not Appearing On Stage:
#310 Bo Bichette (FS)
#19 Jacob Junis
#217 Jeimer Candelario
#177 Ryan Castellani (RC)
#122 Nick Heath (RC)
#327 Whit Merrifeld
#306 Michael Taylor
#T52-10 Francisco Lindor (1952 Topps Redux insert)
#13 Mookie Betts
#102 Paul DeJong
#141 Caleb Smith
#28 Luke Weaver
#280 Kevin Kiermaier


  1. The more I see the 2021 design, the more I dislike it. Familiarity breeds contempt, I guess.

  2. Congrats on finding packs! I figured this segment was retired!

  3. You found a few packs and you don't consider yourself lucky?!

  4. Nice Brinson. It's hard to not enjoy an "at the wall" card.