Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Repack Haiku #133 (Eric Anthony)

A high school drop out
His try out impressed Astros
Drafted in late round

1991 Topps #331 Eric Anthony

From his Wikipedia page:

In 1986, Anthony was an 18-year-old Sharpstown High School dropout working on an assembly line at a Houston plastics company. He talked his way into an Astros tryout in 1986 and impressed scouts with his power, stunning them during batting practice by hitting a series of home runs that landed well beyond 400 feet from home plate. Subsequently, he was drafted by the Astros in the 34th round of the 1986 MLB amateur draft.


  1. Pretty cool story! Looks like he might have just hit another batting-practice home run on that card.

  2. That's awesome. Although... I won't be sharing this story with my students ;)