Monday, December 23, 2019

Pink Me Up!

When my second daughter was younger, one of her favorite books was called "Pink Me Up". It tells the story of young bunny obsessed with the color pink, and how her dad allows her to change up his wardrobe so he can take her to an all pink picnic. It's a sweet little story really.

Bryan from Collecting Cutch has, in his own way, pinked me up as well. Bryan is famous among us bloggers for his annual "Save 2nd Base" posts every October, promoting breast cancer awareness while showing off some lovely ladies and lovely cards.

Part of this year's event was a contest where we had to guess which player would lead the National League in "two-baggers". I took a guess that history would repeat itself and selected 2018 doubles leader Anthony Rendon. He tied for the league again this year, and I won!

It wouldn't be a Collecting Cutch package if Bryan didn't (1) Include an Andrew McCutchen card, and (2) use some artistic creativity to make the mailing extra special:

Bryan also included a few Red Sox cards my way:

Keeping with the pink theme, he also included a pink refractor of J.D. Martinez... well as a pack of Pink Refractor cards from last year's Chrome set!

The prize however, was very much in theme with Breast Cancer awareness. I am now lucky to possess this unique autograph:

I love it when a card has something that I can personally connect with, and this card is a good example of it. On the back, it mentions "The Wizard Of Oz", which happens to be one of my mom's favorite movies. She, by the way, is a breast cancer survivor.

Thanks for pinking me up Bryan! It's important to focus on these causes all year round, so check out the National Breast Cancer Foundation and see how you can help support the cause!

Christmas is just days away! Like last year, I'm planning on taking a short respite from blogging. I'll be back in January with some great posts ready to roll! To all my readers, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May your stocking be filled with cardboard goodness!


  1. Congrats on the contest win, and have a Merry Cutchmas .. er, Christmas :D

  2. Did your daughter ever try to get you to take her on an all pink picnic? By the by, was all of the food supposed to be pink as well?

    1. She's offered more than a few times to pink me up! ;)

  3. That Cutch Christmas custom is awesome! It's been fun seeing the different ones pop up on the blogosphere.