Monday, December 2, 2019

The Collector's Christmas Kindness

Whenever I go to check the mail, there's a good chance my youngest daughter will ask if she got anything. She's pretty consistent when her birthday or the holidays are near, but she regularly asks even during the stretches of the year when she has no real reason to expect anything. She just loves getting mail. What kid doesn't?

As you get older, mail gets less exciting because it's more bills and junk than happy unexpected surprises. But every now and then, you get a happy and unexpected surprise. That's when your inner kid perks up and makes the smile on your face just a little bit wider.

I was blessed to receive such a mailing just before Thanksgiving from Chris at The Collector. My first thought was that this might be my Secret Santa gift for the year (which would be funny since it was the Secret Santa exchange from two years ago that first introduced me to Chris and his blog.) However, Chris made it very clear that this was not the case.

Inside were a delightful little cornucopia of cards - set building needs, Red Sox, and Sabres cards!

The highlight is probably the Jackie Bradley Jr. in all his pink refractor glory, but I can't deny those Red Sox of yesteryear speak to me like the ghosts of Christmas past! It's all great stuff, and the kindness of the card collecting community is just one more thing I gave thanks for this past Thanksgiving.

I hope all of you had a joyful Thanksgiving as well, and that Christmas brings you plenty of happy unexpected surprises! Thanks again for the cards. Chris!


  1. I'm thrilled that this modest PWE inspired a little child-like excitement! Wish I had more set fillers to send you; I had a couple set aside that you must have received recently because they were removed from your wantlist by the time I double-checked.

    Also I worry about the same Red Sox cards getting passed around between the same bloggers, so it's good to know I sent at least one that was new to you. :)

  2. Very cool! I love that Santa. As far as the cards go, the Tris Speaker is tops for me, not only is it just a neat card, but it also comes from one of my favorite sets from the 2000's.

  3. It doesn't always stop with kids. Even as an adult, I love getting packages in the mail.

  4. Awesome package from Chris. Love the pink JBJ.