Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Repack Haiku #276 (Steve Kemp)

Once top paid Tiger
From two arbitration wins
Traded to cut costs
1979 Topps #196 Steve Kemp
After a second arbitration win, Steve Kemp's $600,000 salary become the most ever for a Tigers' player. According to Kemp, Tigers' general manager Jim Campbell claimed his salary would cause increased ticket prices and reductions in salary for secretaries. He was traded to the White Sox before hitting free agency.




  1. Big time free agent bust for the Yankees.

  2. I was curious to see who had the highest salary in baseball back in 1981. Discovered the Yankees paid Winfield more than 2x (1.4M) what the Tigers were paying Kemp.

  3. The game would probably be better if the top paid players were still "only" making around $600,000 a year.