Friday, October 14, 2022

Trade Recap: Cards from Berlin, NJ

Thanks to TCDB member Rich, I completed one insert set, cut another one's needs in half, and picked up a card I had my eye on for awhile!

Last month, I showed off a trade where I acquired a majority of the cards I needed to complete the 2017 Topps MLB Awards insert set. That trade left me with just one card needed, Mike Trout. I was able to find a trade match for that lone card. In addition, I knocked off 5 more cards from the 2019 Topps Mookie Betts insert set (only 5 more to go!). The J.D. Martinez was one of my Top 10 Red Sox Cards of 2019, and I'm so happy to finally have it in my collection! The last card is one of the 150th Anniversary parallels from 2019 Topps. I love that stamp on the card, and a part of me really really wants to try and complete that particular parallel of the set. For now I'll pick up what ones happen to come my way inexpensively and maybe decide to commit somewhere down the road.

Favorite Card: How can it not be the Hank Aaron, I mean J.D. Martinez card?

Thanks for the cards, Rich!


  1. We all know that even though it says J.D. on the card, you can't deny that Hank is the spotlight.

  2. Congratulations on the completed set!