Monday, October 31, 2022

Blog Trade Recap: 2 Trades From Baseball Cards Come To Life!

Happy Halloween!
My peak collecting days were during the overproduction era of baseball cards. Therefore, about 90% of my "doubles" are qualified as junk wax. So when another collector happens to show interest in some of these cards, I'll pounce! This was the case earlier this year when Bo (Baseball Cards Come to Life!) bought a card lot that gave him an almost complete set of the 1991 Pacific Nolan Ryan Texas Express set. I knew I could help him get closer to finishing it. I had bought a box of the cards back in the day and not only completed the set but had extras aplenty! I sent off any need I had extras of, and left it up to him to send whatever in return.

He knocked out a few Red Sox needs, plus a sweet Josh Gibson he had shown off in a post once before.

But he also put a big dent in a set I was close to completing, the 1988 Topps UK Minis set:

I only have 10 more cards left to complete this one, so I should probably try ad knock it out before too long!
Bo and I completed a second trade recently too - He inquired about a Yankee card I had won, and I was more than happy to trade away. He graciously continued to knock a few more Red Sox base set needs off my list:

As always, thanks for the trades Bo!


  1. Always great trading with you!

  2. If I were ever to take up set collecting again (I won't), I'd strongly consider working on that UK set. It's just so good looking!

  3. If you email me your 1988 Topps UK Minis, I might be able to help. Picked up the set (missing the Bonds) over the summer and decided to part it out for my player and team collections. Pretty sure I still have a stack of cards that don't fit into either of those categories.