Monday, October 10, 2022

Once...Twice...Three Times A Winner!

Johnny (Johnny's Trading Spot) has been giving away cards like a man possessed. He posts, we comment, he randomly picks and someone wins 9 cards. It's hard not to comment on his posts too - he shows off some great cards, and I think he has introduced me to more sets I had never seen before than anyone else. Without really even trying, I was the lucky winner 3 times already!

The first prize pack included 5 cards featuring Hall of Famers, including 2 of Red Sox legend Bobby Doerr (Cabrera will someday be the 6th). Throw in a couple of solid hitters in Gonzalez and Staunton, plus a nice vintage card of former MVP/Cy Young winner Vida Blue, and you get one happy blogger!

Favorite Card: Every time I see that Panini Cooperstown set, I like it more and more, but I have to go with the awesome 1973 Vida Blue here!

The next PWE of cards included another 70's card, more Hall of Famers and some very nice modern cards. I will never turn down a Raffy rookie!

Favorite Card: I'm tempted to go vintage again here, but I can't deny the sharp photography of Stadium Club!

My latest winnings from Johnny hit me with a trio of Gypsy Queen Red Sox, along with some of the greatest hitters in the game. 

Favorite Card: Love me some fun food issue cards, so the Big Hurt wins this round.

Thanks for the cards Johnny!


  1. Nice pickups! Any chance that the Stanton is available for trade?

  2. Great prizes! Johnny is a good and generous guy!