Monday, October 24, 2022

Top 5 Tribute: Bruce Sutter

The baseball world lost Hall of Fame Reliever Bruce Sutter on October 13th. In honor of his extraordinary career, I would like to present my Top 5 favorite Bruce Sutter cards that I own.

1978 Topps #325

This is the earliest card I own of Sutter. On the back, it mentions that his best pitch is his forkball. Sutter was consider a pioneer of the split-fingered fastball, an offshoot of the mostly-forgotten forkball. (If you're curious about the difference, I found an excellent article here:

1981 Fleer #294

Gotta love pitchers holding bats! Sutter managed 9 hits over 102 at-bats during his 12-year career.

1982 Topps #260

Bruce won his only Championship with the Cardinals in 1982. (Random thought: With Jim Kaats' introduction earlier this year, has there been any other team to feature 2 Hall of Famers in their bullpen?)

1985 Topps #9 (RB)

My how the times have changed! Since this record breaking season by Sutter, the 45 saves mark has been reached 71 more times!

1989 Fleer #603

I'm showing off the back because Fleer gave Bruce Sutter a true sunset card, complete with even his minor league stats! Not many Hall of Famers get that on their final cards!
Bruce Sutter was the first true Hall of Fame reliever, becoming the first pitcher inducted without ever making a start. From 1979 - 1984 he lead the NL in saves 5 times, and either got the save or the win in three straight All-Star games (1979-1981). RIP, Mr. Sutter, you will be missed.  



  1. There's probably more, I started looking until I got to Goose Gossage. Shared a bullpen with Jim Kaat ('79 Yankees), Lee Smith ('88 Cubs) and Dennis Eckersley ('92-93 A's).

    1. I always forget about Gossage's late career teams!

  2. Sutter without any facial hair looks strange.

  3. Amazing he got 102 at bats, and pitchers holding bats are awesome! RIP