Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Repack Haiku #312 (Matt Nokes)

Catcher behind plate
For inspirational game:
Abbott's no-hitter
1988 Topps #645 Matt Nokes (ASR, RC)
Nokes had the best view in the stadium of a historic and awe inspiring pitching performance when he caught Jim Abbott's no-hitter against the Indians in 1993.


  1. An underrated Yankee, he was one of the few big bats on the early 90s teams.

  2. Very cool that he got to be a part of such a historic event. I remember having a 10ct. snap-it box with several of these 88T rookie cards back in 1988. Thought I was gonna get rich off of them.

  3. I remember mostly from his time with the Yankees, but didn't know that he caught Jim's no-hitter.