Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Repack Haiku #170 (Luis Salazar)

He lost his left eye
When batter hit a foul ball
Struck him in the face 
1989 Fleer #144 Luis Salazar

Salazar was a minor league manager in the Braves system in 2011. During a Spring Training game, a liner off the bat of Brian McCann stuck him as he stood in the dugout.


********** New Blog Alert!**********

Chris aka The Collector has started up a new venture dedicated to card sets and events from 1993. It's all that and a bag of chips - check it out!

**********Contest Pimp!**********

We're getting close to October, which means it's almost time for the annual Save Second Base bonanza over at Collecting Cutch! To kick things off, Brian is running a contest with a Project 2020 card as the prize. All you have to do is name your favorite John Travolta movie (This is in honor of his wife, Kelly Preston, who sadly passed away from breast cancer earlier this year.)  What's your favorite Travolta movie? I'm leaning towards Face/Off myself.


  1. Ouch. Hadn't heard that story. Very sad.

  2. Face/Off is a great movie. The concept of it is a little strange, but the acting by both Travolta and Cage was awesome. I had a strong feeling for what kind of lifestyles they both lead in the movie. Thanks for the contest pillage!