Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Repack Haiku #206 (Dave Winfield)

Traded for dinner?
Post-strike trade never finished
Indians paid tab
1990 Upper Deck #745 Dave Winfield

After the players began their strike in 1994, general managers were cautiously optimistic that the season would eventually resume. In a "deadline deal", the Twins sent Winfield to Cleveland for a player to be named later. As we all know, the season never resumed, and Winfield became a free agent having never suited up for the Indians. (At least not until he signed with them that off-season). No player was ever named in the exchange. To complete the trade, executives from both teams went out to dinner, which was paid for by Cleveland.


  1. There are so many weird little stories in baseball, and this is definitely one of them! Nice job working it into a haiku.

  2. Thanks again. Another great piece of baseball trivia.

  3. that trade gave me hope that the season would resume at some point - i assumed that the gm for cleveland knew something was going to happen otherwise why make the trade.

  4. Wow, never heard of that...thanks for the educational haiku!