Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Repack Haiku #205 (Benito Santiago)

Two historic bombs:
First grand slam off of Maddux
First Marlins home run
1990 Donruss #708 Benito Santiago (AS)

Greg Maddux had gone 2,174 2/3 innings without allowing a grand slam until Santiago took him deep with the bases loaded in 1996. He previously hit the very first home run in Florida (Miami) Marlins history.


  1. Did not know either fact about Benny. He had a good, long career and back in the early '90s he was a legit superstar but I dont hear him mentioned much anymore.

  2. Pretty cool accomplishments to have on his résumé! And like Chris said, he was a star for sure. I remember him occasionally throwing out a runner from his knees. Some examples:

  3. Maddux got himself into a bases loaded jam? I mean... I know it happened, but I bet it didn't happen often. Great trivia as usual.

  4. Like the previous three commenters, both pieces of trivia were new to me.