Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Repack Haiku #200 (Willie Stargell)

Repack Haiku posts
Are number 1 in my book
And endorsed by Pops
1982 Fleer #499 Willie Stargell

It's the 200th Repack Haiku! Holy cow, that's a lot of 5-7-5 poetry! I wanted to do something special, and had the idea of doing a guest post. If you've ever read the comments to these haiku, then you know that one other blogger has a penchant for writing his own verse (usually better than what I came up with too!) That's right, Jim from Cards As I See Them wrote the honorary 200th post! For what it's worth, I'm totally open to other guest haikus... ;)

Thanks Jim! Pops thinks you're #1 too!

(Oh, and Jim actually submitted 5 haikus, so don't be surprised if another one of his shows up sometime!)


  1. This is one of my favorite series throughout all of blogdom.

  2. Too good. I wish I could come up with these. Good stuff. And nice Pops card.

  3. Yay, Jim! And congrats to you on reaching #200 :)

  4. Very cool of Jim to submit some entries. And congrats on haiku #200! Really enjoy this series.

  5. Thanks for using my haiku! It's a great idea for a recurring theme!

  6. Nice milestone there, congratulations! You should release a book featuring some of your favorites.