Thursday, April 1, 2021

Shall We Play A Game?

Last year, I pulled off an April Fool's Day prank, getting over 20 of my fellow card-collecting bloggers to post about the exact same card (a 1998 Score Phil Niekro). It was a lot of fun, and I knew that this year I had to go bigger. 

This year, you get to go on a scavenger hunt! 

I picked out a small set with a pretty recognizable design - the 1984 Topps Glossy All-Stars set. Many of your favorite blogs have agreed to post today with one card from that set. You'll have to read a lot of blogs to find all 22 cards from the set, especially when you factor in the "doubles" you'll encounter! 

Your prize for finding all of the cards? A wasted day devoid of any real-world productivity! 
To help you on your quest, here's the checklist of cards you'll hopefully see today:
  1. Harvey Kuenn (MGR)
  2. Rod Carew
  3. Manny Trillo
  4. George Brett
  5. Robin Yount
  6. Jim Rice
  7. Fred Lynn
  8. Dave Winfield
  9. Ted Simmons
  10. Dave Stieb
  11. Carl Yastrzemski (HM)
  12. Whitey Herzog (MGR)
  13. Al Oliver
  14. Steve Sax
  15. Mike Schmidt
  16. Ozzie Smith
  17. Tim Raines
  18. Andre Dawson
  19. Dale Murphy
  20. Gary Carter
  21. Mario Soto
  22. Johnny Bench (HM)
Just because I'm a nice guy, I'll give you your first one. Of course I kept an all-time Red Sox great for myself:

I know you're up to the challenge, and even if you aren't at least you'll see that familiar All-Star banner dominating the thumbnail pictures in your blog roll! I'll have a nice little post tomorrow with all of this year's participants! 

Have fun!

Speaking of playing games...Opening Day is finally here! Whoo-hoo! Play ball!


  1. Very cool idea, and I've already seen a couple pop up. You saved me a lot of trouble as I was probably going to do an easter egg hunt this weekend :D

  2. Okay, I FINALLY figured out what's going on. Wish I read this post first.

  3. Yep my blogroll had at least 5 posts with 1984 All Stars before I came across yours. Happy Opening Day!

  4. Not to hijack your post or the comments but I could use a bit of help with a crossword puzzle...

  5. Awesome job organizing this. I missed out on participating, but I've already come across a pair of Mario Sotos. Looking forward to seeing the complete set.

  6. Happy Opening Day and thanks for putting this together!