Friday, April 23, 2021

These Two Lefties Are All Right!

Bob Gibson and Tom Seaver are forever linked in the history of baseball. Dominating right-handed starters who consistently mowed down all who dare stand against them. They are linked not only by their Hall of Fame careers, but also by a penchant for mischief. Both of these superstars tried to pass themselves off as left-handers on their Topps cards.

They almost got away with it too.

Back in 1967, both Seaver and Gibson posed for their photos wearing a left-handed pitcher's glove. Both of these photos made it as far as the proof sheet before they were discovered and ultimately removed. They were replaced with head shots on what would become the 1968 Topps set. This story was the basis for a couple of cards created by Cards That Never Were

These lost proofs were recreated for CTNW's latest set. To celebrate, he held a giveaway where commenters could win one of the two cards, if not both. In the end, he decided to generously give everyone a copy of both cards, and mine arrived this week!
I have to say, left handed or not, these shots are much better than the bland head shots they eventually used. I prefer these hands down! As always, the quality of these cards are fantastic, and the backs are equally impressive! Love that QR code!

You can purchase his latest set these cards and more through the web site, with individual cards available at eBay (Look for seller ctnwblog_8). You really should check out his work - especially his "Barrier Breakers" series featuring the first African American ballplayer for each club. 

Thanks for the cards!


  1. I've thought about picking up these two, but the '68 design is holding me back.

  2. Very cool. I'm tempted to pick up a pack.

  3. Topps really dropped the ball with these, as they would've made great additions to the set.

  4. I never associated Bob Gibson with mischievous. Cool story and cool cards!