Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Repack Haiku #358 (Don Larsen)

Pitched World Series gem
Involved in the trade that sent
Maris to Yankees
2019 Topps Archives #64 Don Larsen
Most people know Larsen from his perfect game during the 1956 World Series, but even his departure from New York was noteworthy.  On December 11, 1959 Larsen was traded by the Yankees (along with Hank Bauer, Norm Siebern and Marv Throneberry) to the Kansas City Athletics for Roger Maris and two other players. Maris of course would go on a rather historic run with the Yankees.


  1. Thanks for the history lesson. I had no idea that Larsen was in the trade for Maris. I don't always comment on these posts, but I love the tidbits of info you give.

  2. Thanks for the reminder that the A's have always been (and will always be) the Yankees farm system.