Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Repack Haiku #221 (Marvin Miller)

Should have entered Hall
Years ago when he still lived
Changed game forever
1994 Upper Deck Baseball:
The American Epic #74 Marvin Miller

I don't own any cards of Marvin Miller, so in honor of today's Hall of Fame induction ceremony, I present a special edition of Repack Haiku. Congrats on this long overdue honor, Mr. Miller.


  1. i would surmise that the owners still hold a grudge which resulted in a delay in miller's enshrinement yet a schlub like bud selig sails right in. i saw someone comment on another post that miller hurt the game by being responsible for higher costs borne by fans, but i would say the owners are responsible and the players are due their share.

  2. Marvin Miller said specifically that he did not want to be inducted, which probably has something to do about it.

  3. If I do own a Miller, it's probably that Upper Deck card. I had that set a few years ago, but not sure if I held onto it. I just checked COMC and it doesn't look like Miller fans have many options.

  4. It's good that he finally go it, even if he didn't want to be enshrined, he still needed to be.