Monday, September 13, 2021

TCDB Trade Recap: Cards From Henderson, NV

When I propose trades on the TCDB, I'll try to do a 12-for-9 trade. I'll gladly unload a dozen of my base set dupes and try to pick out 9 for the trade partner to send back. It's a little extra incentive to accept, and I clear out more cards. Today's trade comes from Clark, who was nice enough to send these along.

Nomar, Sale, Godley, and Varitek were Red Sox needs. To fill out my nine, I picked up an extra copy of the Fenway Park card (I think it'll be good to have extras if I want to try a TTM auto request.) plus some Stadium Club. You can't go wrong with Stadium Club.
Favorite Card: I'm not a big fan of Allen & Ginter, but last year's Field Generals inserts were very cool, and the Jason Varitek has been in my crosshairs for awhile now.

Thanks for the cards, Clark!


  1. Love a good stadium card and the 2019 set had a bunch of nice ones.

  2. Nice pickups! Gotta love the TCDb trading community!