Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Repack Haiku #282 (Mike Stanley)

Boston to New York
A rare trade between rivals
Two stints with each team
1990 Donruss #579 Mike Stanley

The Red Sox traded Stanley back to his former team in August of 1997. One of the players the Red Sox received was a young pitcher named Tony Armas. Four months later, Armas was the PTBNL in the trade that brought Pedro Martinez to Boston.


  1. Very popular Yankee when they were just starting to get good again.

  2. I remember both Red Sox and Yankee fans I grew up with liked Stanley. Didn't realize he was on each team twice though!

  3. I wonder if anyone else has ever played for both teams twice? If so, it doesn't doesn't like there'd be very many in that club.

    1. *it doesn't seem [I really need Blogger to add an edit button]

  4. Some pretty famous guys who played for both franchises... but not sure I could name any who played for each team twice. Great piece of trivia as usual.