Friday, December 2, 2022

A PWE Of Award Winning Cards!

Back toward the end of October (when there was still baseball - that seemed so long ago!), Daniel (It's Like Having My Own Card Shop) had a giveaway. I was among the first five to comment, so that earned me some cards:

Just look at that top row! Red Sox players showing off some hardware! J.D. Drew with his All-Star Game MVP award, Josh Beckett with the ALCS MVP, and Mike Lowell with the World Series MVP award. Then there's the Captain, Jason Varitek, with the grand daddy of them all, the World Series trophy! I love seeing awards on cards, and after seeing these cards together, I'm half-tempted to find out how many Red Sox cards have players posing with awards on them. (I can think of at least one other off the top of my head - the 2019 Topps Big League card where J.D. Martinez is posing with Hank Aaron and the Hank Arron Award he won). Oh, and I can't overlook the wonderful unlicensed oddball cards either! 

Favorite Card: The Varitek card will always be an all-time favorite!

Thanks for the cards Daniel!


  1. Looks like Dwight won a donut :)

  2. The Varitek and Lowell cards are fantastic. Two of my faves from the 2007 team.

  3. Varitek is one of my favorites from the "Award Show" mini-collection.