Friday, December 23, 2022

Trapped In Time: Remnants Of the 28th Trade

You have to love it when things just align perfectly, right? Here's it is December, and we've reached the last Trapped In Time post for 2022. As it turns out, today's highlighted card comes from the very last Time Travel Trade of 2018!
  • 1962 Topps #278 Ken Johnson
  • 1990-91 Pro Set Super Bowl 160 (football) #16 SB XVI Ticket - San Francisco 49ers/Cincinnati Bengals (See Trade #31)
  • 1990 Pro Set - Theme Art (football) #10 Super Bowl X Pittsburgh Steelers/Dallas Cowboys
  • 1960 Topps #289 Willie Jones (See Trade #89)
Bo (Baseball Cards Come To Life!) threw in a couple of bonus football cards with this trade, and this lone trophy remains. I guess there aren't many Steelers or Cowboys fans amongst my readership. I'm not a football collector, so I'm hoping this card finds it's way into someone's welcoming hands!

Not counting this card, I've featured 13 cards in the Trapped In Time series. I've only been able to trade 4 of them, which isn't bad considering these cards have been in the trade stack for 4 years. 2019 was the when this project really started gaining momentum, so there will be a lot of cards getting their "last chance" in the coming months. Spoiler, next month's post will be a big one!

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