Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Repack Haiku #283 (Graig Nettles)

First Yankees Captain 
Since the passing of Munson
Held post for two years
1987 Topps #205 Graig Nettles
Nettles was named Captain in 1982, but was traded two years later when his biography, "Balls", contained some less than flattering anecdotes about George Steinbrenner.


  1. Weird, I was just entering some of his cards for sale/trade on TCDB. He played in MLB until he was 43!

  2. I hadn't heard of his book before. I'll have to go see what it's deal was.

  3. Thanks. This post inspired me to seek out an article that explained his book and the comments he made about Steinbrenner. Nettles was another one of those Yankees (along with Munson and Guidry) that I really liked even though I disliked the team.