Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Repack Haiku #281 (All-Star Shortstops)

Between both players
Seventeen All-Star nods
But where is Ripken?
1993 Topps #404 All-Star Shortstops (Larkin/Fryman)
Travis Fryman was no slouch, earning 5 All-Star game appearances. However, it's curious that Topps would put him on this card over perennial All-Star starter Cal Ripken Jr.

I'm not planning on posting tomorrow, so everybody have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I always wondered that myself. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Ripken isn't the only one missing. Ozzie Smith also started at SS in that game. Both guys got 3 at bats. At least Fryman played in the 1992 MLB All-Star Game. I didn't see Larkin in the box score.