Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Repack Haiku #232 (Mark Langston)

Lost rookie award
To teammate Alvin Davis
Despite strikeout crown
1989 Topps Traded
#66T Mark Langston

This card also reflects Mark's trade to the Expos. The Mariners got some tall pitcher named Randy Johnson in return.

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  1. I never paid any attention to trades as a kid, but do remember hearing my friends dad and a couple of his older cousins talking about this one when it happened. I think it was the first trade that I ever heard anyone discussing too. It's also worth mentioning that I distinctly recall all of them thinking it was a terrible move on the Mariners part. I'm sure that they weren't the only ones who thought so, but obviously history tells us that it worked out okay for the Mariners in the end.