Monday, December 27, 2021

Spring Cleaning Turns To Winter Hoarding, Box 2

Earlier this year, I took advantage of an offer made by Kerry (Cards On Cards). Kerry was doing a little "Spring Cleaning" and getting rid of a bunch of cards that didn't fit his collection. I snagged the Red Sox of course, and sent him some cards he needed in return. I was not expecting a 300-count box of cards, let alone two! 

I already showed off some favorites from the 1st box, and now it time for Box #2! Before I show off my 10 favorite cards from the box, I just wanted to emphasize how grateful I am for all these cards. Between the two boxes, there were 488 cards, spanning 165 different sets and including 186 different players. from all these cards, I needed a whopping 69% of them. That's impressive for a blind selection of cards! Anyways, a big thank you again to Kerry!
Just like before, there were too many to show, so I'm going to show off my 10 favorites:

10. 2018 Topps Chrome - Prism Refractor

#59 Hanley Ramirez 

Hanley's time in Boston may not be well-remembered, but when he was on the field, he was usually smiling. The prism refractor looks better in-hand than this photo would have you believe.

9. 2018 Bowman

#25 Rafael Devers (RC)

A rookie card of Boston's up-and-coming slugger? Yes, please! 

8. 1979 Topps

#645 George Scott 

I kind of wish I was an active baseball time during Boomer's time in Boston. I can't help but feel he would have been a favorite of mine. 1979 would be Scott's last year in baseball.

7. 2004 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites

#17 George Scott

Scott made the All-Star team his rookie season, and would go on to be on two more teams, winning 8 Gold Gloves to boot. A fan favorite indeed!  

6. 2020 Topps Allen & Ginter

#342 Mo Vaughn (SP) 

Vaughn was one of my favorite sluggers in college. I'm glad to get something recent with him on it, especially since it's a short print!

5. 2018 Stadium Club

#11 Tzu-Wei Lin

Lin was a backup utility infielder for the Red Sox for a few years, but never really grabbed ahold of a roster spot. Small consolation to him, but he's got one of the best cards in the 2018 Stadium Club set.

4. 2018 Stadium Club

#180 Ted Williams

Another great 2018 Stadium Club card goes to Mr. Williams, whose career ended up being remarkedly different than Tsu-Wei Lin's. From the curvature of the bat to the old signs adorning Fenway, this is just a sweet card!

3. 2012 Topps

#631 Ryan Kalish 

What a fantastic shot! Sadly, based on where he's looking, I'm thinking he didn't make the catch. Still, an impressive looking card!

2. 2007 Topps

#630 Daisuke Matsuzaka (RC, VAR) 

Thanks to this fun variation, I now know how the team name looks in Japanese!  

1. 2003 Upper Deck Play Ball

#10 Pedro Martinez

 My favorite has to be this great retro looking Pedro! Just an all-around aesthetically pleasing looking card.
Thanks again, Kerry! You're awesome!