Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Repack Haiku #290 (Jerry Reed)

In nineteen ninety,
When the season was over,
Pitched for Pelicans
1989 Donruss #657 Jerry Reed
Reed was released by the Red Sox in August 1990, which would end up being the end of his Major League career. That off-season, at the age of 35, he joined the Senior Professional League. He pitched in 4 games for the St. Petersburg Pelicans before the league folded before mid-season.


  1. I recognize that crazy tongue pose from his 1990 Donruss card, which made my Frankenset.

  2. 35 years old and playing in the Senior Professional League? That's so young. I'm 50 and hoping to start cashing in on senior citizen discounts, but don't think I've come across a place yet.

  3. I wonder if he was the youngest Senior Leaguer. Hadn't heard of anyone going right from MLB to that short-lived league.

    Also I like the name "Pelicans" as a southern-based baseball team (Myrtle Beach is another example) Not so much as an NBA team from New Orleans lol.

    1. The League actually had a minimum age limit of 35 for the first season, lowered to 34 for the second season. Catchers were allowed to be at least 32!