Monday, January 9, 2023

A World Series Prize Pack From The 3rd Floor

It only took me two months, but I'm finally getting around to showing off some cards I won from a World Series contest held by Brendan (The View From The 3rd Floor). Prior to the start of the series between the Astros and Phillies, Brendan asked his readers to make three predictions. I nailed 2 of the 3, missing only the World Series MVP. For my precognitive abilities, Brendan gifted me a nice lot of baseball cards:

A Wade Boggs hot pack, and surprisingly I needed 3 of the 6 (Technically, two were variations, which I do not make a note of chasing, but still I did not have them!) Other highlights include a green bordered card (serial numbered to 75) and a recreation of Roberto Clemente's iconic card from this year's Heritage set.

Favorite Card: It doesn't hold a candle to the original, but seeing that Clemente photo can't help but remind you of how truly special of a player he was!

Thanks for the cards Brendan!


  1. I keep meaning to send him an email to see how he's doing, as he's been MIA for a bit.

  2. Just noticed he hasn't blogged since November. Hope he's okay... and just enjoying a nice break from blogging.

    1. Yeah I noticed that too. He mentioned in his last Time Travel Trade that it would be his last one, so I hope he's just taking a break.