Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Repack Haiku #84 (John Dopson)

Now here is a first:
More written on back of card
Than on Wiki page

1989 Score #466 John Dopson

One of the things I loved most about Score when it first came out were the biographies on the back. Even the lesser known players had something of interest to read about. Dopson is no different:

You would think his Wikipedia page would have at least this much, but no! All he gets is a measly two sentences:


  1. I had a ton of 1989 Score as a kid, but hardly more than a handful now. I kind of miss it. The bios were pretty great (such a sad little blurb on his Wiki lol) and the colors popped.

  2. I just busted a box of 1989 Score. It really is a great set. Old School Score had incredible bios. Kudos to their writers.

  3. Score card backs were second to none in the 80's.