Monday, January 28, 2019

Checking Out The Checklist

Topps's latest base set comes out this week, and the list of player has recently been released. Of course, I had to check out what Red Sox would be showing up in my packs.

From The Cardboard Connection:

Boston's Boys - Boston Red Sox
David Price - Boston Red Sox
David Price - Boston Red Sox WSH
Eduardo Nunez - Boston Red Sox WSH
Fenway Park - Boston Red Sox
J.D. Martinez - Boston Red Sox LL
J.D. Martinez - Boston Red Sox WSH
J.D. Martinez - Boston Red Sox
Jackie Bradley Jr. - Boston Red Sox
Mitch Moreland - Boston Red Sox
Mookie Betts - Boston Red Sox
Mookie Betts - Boston Red Sox LL
Rafael Devers - Boston Red Sox
Rick Porcello - Boston Red Sox
Steve Pearce - Boston Red Sox WSH
Xander Bogaerts - Boston Red Sox

Not a bad lot of cards at all. I'm excited by the World Series Highlights obviously.

I also like to look at the list and see who will already be wearing an outdated uniform. From what I can gather, here's a list of all the Series 1 players who have been traded or became free agents this off season:

Adam Jones - Baltimore Orioles
Adam Ottavino - Colorado Rockies
Andrew Miller - Cleveland Indians
Avisail Garcia - Chicago White Sox
Billy Hamilton - Cincinnati Reds
Blake Parker - Los Angeles Angels
Brad Boxberger - Arizona Diamondbacks
Brian McCann - Houston Astros
Charlie Morton - Houston Astros
Christian Villanueva - San Diego Padres
Cody Allen - Cleveland Indians
Derek Dietrich - Miami Marlins
Edwin Diaz - Seattle Mariners
Edwin Encarnacion - Cleveland Indians
Ervin Santana - Minnesota Twins
James McCann - Detroit Tigers
James Paxton - Seattle Mariners
Jean Segura - Seattle Mariners
Jonathan Schoop - Milwaukee Brewers
Josh Donaldson - Cleveland Indians
Josh Harrison - Pittsburgh Pirates
Justus Sheffield - New York Yankees RC
Logan Morrison - Minnesota Twins
Matt Davidson - Chicago White Sox
Michael Brantley - Cleveland Indians
Mike Zunino - Seattle Mariners
Nick Markakis - Atlanta Braves
Paul Goldschmidt - Arizona Diamondbacks
Robinson Cano - Seattle Mariners
Russell Martin - Toronto Blue Jays
Tanner Roark - Washington Nationals
Tim Beckham - Baltimore Orioles
Yan Gomes - Cleveland Indians
Yasiel Puig - Los Angeles Dodgers
Yonder Alonso - Cleveland Indians

35 players! Initially, seeing 10% of a set showing outdated uniforms would seem like poor planning on Topps part, but I'm willing to give them a pass here. A lot of these guys were traded. Among the free agents, Topps wisely avoided the bigger name free agents like Harper and Machado. Also, I usually have no problem with guys that were traded mid season last year getting at least one base card with their last team, even it they only played with them a few months. Those Indians collectors deserve their Josh Donaldson card! Still, that leaves roughly half of these guys who Topps should have waited until Series 2 to include. Not horrible, but could be better.

As far as the set and inserts go, I'll add a few random thoughts:
  • I like the design for this year, it's almost got that retro 80's feel to it.
  • 10 parallels is way too many.
  • Yay! No more Salute inserts!
  • The 150 Years Of Professional Baseball tribute set looks pretty sharp!
  • That being said, I find Don Mattingly and Mark McGwire odd choices for one of the 50 greatest players. Everyone else is either in the Hall of Fame or a good bet to make it. You couldn't get 2 more legendary guys to round out the set? Mays? Griffey? Schmidt?
  • I wish Topps would stop dedicating insert sets to one player, especially if said player has one year of service time. Gleyber Torres makes the 3rd Yankee-centric insert set Topps has done recently.
  • The Evolution Of insert set has potential.I can't wait to see what it looks like!
  • The 1984 tribute set looks good too, but to be honest I'm getting bored of these.
Overall, I'm eager for some new product to come out! I feel like I'll be buying a good amount of this set!


  1. I agree the guys who are traded, Topps should get a pass. But I don't understand not looking at the list of potential free agents and pushing those guys to Series 2. Seems pretty easy to me.

  2. I wonder how many potential free agents there are. Did Topps just have to take a chance with a bunch of them, or run the risk of having series one be half the size of series two?

  3. Mays and Griffey replaced by Mattingly and McGwire? Yeah. Sounds like something Topps would do. Not surprised that there's a tribute to the 1984 set either.