Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Repack Haiku #291 (Bruce Sutter)

First relief pitcher
Elected to Hall of Fame
Without starting once
1989 Fleer #603 Bruce Sutter
Sutter (who passed away last October) pitched in 661 games over his 12 year career, all of them in relief.


  1. That's a pretty cool stat. I wonder which hall of fame pitcher has pitched in the most games without starting one. I looked up Mariano and Hoffman. Mo started 10 games in his first season (something I didn't know), but Trevor never started any of the 1,035 games he pitched in.

  2. I thought for sure that he had been a starter early on in his career, but obviously I was wrong, or more likely than not, confusing him with someone else.

  3. Didn't realize Sutter was the first 100% closer, very interesting.