Monday, February 6, 2023

All I Do Is Win, Win, Win...

Sometime last summer, Johnny (Johnny's Trading Spot) decided to run almost daily giveaways to people who commented on his blog posts. Half a year later and he's still giving cards away! I've won a few more times recently, and Johnny continues to tailor the prize packages to my personal team tastes.

The first group of 9 features my first of last year's Topps Holiday cards. I like the set well enough, although I wish Topps had utilized the white border more, along the lines of what they did with the 2019 set. I also get my first Stadium Club card, and it happens to be one of my top 10 Red Sox cards for the year. Topping it off is some cards of the man, the myth, the legend Pedro Martinez. I do love me some Pedro cards!

Clemens and Martinez. Two of the most dominate pitchers in Red Sox history, and both of them personal favorites. 

Thanks for the cards Johnny!


  1. I have won a few times also. Thanks Johnny! I have gotten a few new to me Twins cards. I enjoy your blog Matt.

  2. Pleasure to help, hope you needed some of those older cards.

  3. There's old Wade Boggs and the chickens again!

  4. I just visited his blog and learned that I won one of his giveaways! Thanks for explaining this, because I wasn't sure what the deal was.

    Also the Holiday Sox and Boggs in a chicken coop are neat prizes.

  5. That Stadium Club Boggs is fantastic. By now... I feel like he's sent out so many prize packages... most people have won at least once... if not two, three, or four times. I'm not sure what's more surprising... the level of generosity John has demonstrated... or the amount of cards he's handed out over the past year or so.