Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Repack Haiku #292 (Will Clark)

Clark for Mattingly?
An unfortunate event
Nixed this All-Star trade
1990 Donruss #230 Will Clark
It could have happened! According to the article, the parameters of the deal was agreed upon that would send Clark and 2 lefty pitchers to the Bronx for Yankee legend Don Mattingly and another player. The Giants got concerned about sending the two pitchers over once Dave Dravecky's tumor diagnosis came to light.


  1. Interesting, never knew about that potential trade.

  2. Mattingly was "told by outside sources". Not sure I'm buying it. Gammons would report on every rumor, doesn't make them true. Wouldn't surprise me that the Yankees shopped him around though. Steinbrenner was pretty unhinged at that time.

  3. You mean I could have hated Clark more than I already did?

  4. Mattingly was a stud, but I feel like this trade would have been a gut punch to fans in the Bay Area. Then again... this was probably happening in 1988... and Clark was just starting to blossom into the Bay Area legend he is. Maybe Giants fans would have welcomed this trade... and maybe Mattingly would have led the Giants to a World Series title in 1989.

  5. This would've been one of the bigger trades of that era had it gone through.

  6. I did not know about this, either. Would have been odd to see them switch uniforms but it would have been an even trade considering their profile and production.