Monday, February 13, 2023

Feeling The Love!

Tomorrow is Saint Valentine's Day, which may or may not be a relevant holiday in your life. For me, it's become just a commercialized opportunity for me to show my wife and daughters that they are special to me. Granted, I try to do that the other 364 days of the year too, but tomorrow is all about feeling loved. 

I've been feeling the love from my fellow collectors a lot lately. An extra card in a trade, a appreciated comment on my blog, even an unexpected mailing - these acts of kindness always put a smile on my face, and encourage me to pay that feeling forward. Today's post is about showing off some of those lovely cards:
I guess I'll start off with the biggest  package. Anyone who has dealt with regular blog reader Oren know how generous he often is. I wasn't expecting anything from him, and yet awhile back he sent me some wonderful Red Sox cards:

He even included a couple of relics, personal favorite J.D, Martinez and hopeful favorite Trevor Story!

I almost went all of 2022 without completing a major set. I'm close to a few, but it was looking like those would be 2023 goals. Jeff (Wax Pack Wonder) changed that with his Time Travel Trade last December. Included as a bonus were the last 6 cards I needed to complete the 1988 Topps UK Mini set!
I'm excited to finally have this set done. I've had most of these cards for decades, and even though I'm not a huge fan of minis, I have always loved the design of this set.
Finally, I got another bonus card from a Time Travel Trade. Greg (Night Owl Cards) passed along this serial numbered foilboard parallel of the recently retired "Mayor of Ding-Dong City",  Travis Shaw.

Thanks Oren, Jeff, and Greg! I'll take these cards over Hallmark's any day!


  1. Wow really nice stuff. Always great to finish off a set.

  2. Yup, I'll take baseball cards over mushy cards every time.

  3. Neat stuff! I don't think I've come across Oren before. I do remember those 88 UK minis from my childhood. And the shiny Shaw is fantastic.