Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Repack Haiku #243 (Matt Strahm)

"Strahm's Stadium Pulls"
His YouTube channel where he
Opens packs of cards
2017 Bowman  #64 Matt Strahm (RC)

Matt Strahm launched his YouTube channel in 2020. Not only does he do box breaks, but he does them at the stadiums he's visited! He currently a free agent, so hopefully once this lockout ends he'll sign on with a team and keep posting!



  1. I went through a phase where I watched his videos. As a Padres fan... I enjoyed seeing him pull teammates and share thoughts about them.

  2. That's cool, I didn't know he did that. Watched the video and unexpected Dodger Stadium content!

  3. I know that it's becoming the norm, but athlete breakers seem weird to me.

  4. It's cool to see another player who collects/breaks cards. I'll have to check out his videos. Another informative haiku!